An example of a private home delivery farmer “Kiredo” shortens the distance to customers

“Kiredo”, a farmer in Chiba Prefecture, sells vegetables grown in the fields directly to his own home. We do not sell wholesale to major supermarkets but stick to personal home delivery. For them, SNS (social networking service) is indispensable as a tool to shorten the distance with customers.

As an example of using SNS for direct selling farmers, we interviewed Mr. Takashi Kurita of Kired.

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Farmers have private home delivery

With a field of about 1 hectare in Shikaido City, Chiba Prefecture, Kired is a vegetable farmer. The vegetables Kired grows are vegetables from all over the world, such as Italian onions and Hawaiian onions, and most of them are rare in supermarkets. We produce over 150 types of vegetables, grown mainly for restaurants and delivered to ordinary households.

“For those who are curious and love to eat,” Kurita said. We bring personalized delivery to those who want to know about the joys of vegetables and fields around the world.

Farmers have private home delivery

Since starting farming, Kired has traveled to local culinary events with a kitchen car to open shops. In the kitchen, we supply pita sand using a variety of vegetables grown by Mr. Kurita.

Use Instagram as your primary notification tool

Furthermore, currently, we have a bakery in Chiba City that serves lunch and desserts, holds cooking class events, and sells kitchen clothes to decorate the table.

Use Instagram as your primary notification tool

When he started farming in 2011, he thought it was necessary to introduce himself to customers in order to sell the crops he had made. He set up a website. About a year later, I opened a Facebook account, and about two years later, I opened Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Currently, what’s posted on Instagram is set to be automatically posted on Facebook and Twitter, and it looks like it’s being updated at a rate 2 to 3 times a week.

In order for a customer to buy the vegetables they grow, they must first eat the vegetables and think they are delicious. Mr. Kurita says the car in the kitchen is as important as an opportunity to do so. That’s why Kired opened stores in various places with a kitchen car, and the SNS played a big role as a store opening announcement tool.

“Initially, I used to organize cooking events and get invited to events, and word of mouth by the people I met there made Kired’s name. The musicians went live. and buy the record.

Use SNS to make existing customers like it better

What about the results of SNS?

“So far, the number of clients thanks to SNS has not increased. SNS only makes customers who already know Kired feel more intimate and know about organizing events. I use it as a tool.”

At vegetable stores and cooking classes, we sometimes receive messages from people who have eaten vegetables Mr. Kurita made through SNS. In some cases, he receives personal delivery orders from there and becomes a customer.

“SNS is also a feature with which you can easily send messages. Even though my kid hates carrots, my mom, who was surprised to eat Kired’s carrots deliciously, filmed a video of it and sent it. message I sent it to them. If we could interact with customers like this, the farmer would feel closer to the consumer. “

Since Kiredo is a farmer who sells vegetables individually, SNS serves as a place of direct communication between sellers and buyers. Through such a connection, it seems like an opportunity to close the gap between farmers and consumers, better understand and love Kired.

Avocado, a type of pumpkin

Recently, vegetables bearing the manufacturer’s name are sold in supermarkets in urban areas. However, in a typical consumer style it is difficult for the consumer to communicate directly with the producer. On the other hand, in Kired, where vegetables are supplied directly to each household, producers and consumers are directly connected and SNS functions as a place of communication between them.

The role of SNS depends on the style and method of sales of the farmer. This case of Kired can be said to be an example of how SNS is effective as part of an existing approach to customers, rather than as new customer development purposes.
* Photos provided by Kired