Comment by web production experts! 7 options of “farmer’s commitment homepage”

Comment by web production experts! 7 options of

With more opportunities to sell products directly to consumers, many farmers have their own home pages.
For those who want to “create a homepage” or “refresh a homepage”, we will choose farmers who run attractive home pages. Additionally, we spoke with art directors, web designers, web developers, and professionals working on the front lines about the appeal of each homepage.

1: Seiroku Farm (Nanyo City, Yamagata Prefecture)

Crops: rice, cherries, grapes

The Ozeki family grows rice, cherry and grapes in Yamagata Prefecture. You can feel the courtesy of facing plants from the blog “Seiroku Nikki” on the homepage, as well as from each photo in the gentle sunlight. Also, on the front page, photos of the selected crops are displayed and the icon that looks like a cherry blossom is also amazing.

“By neatly arranging the fresh fruit, it looks like an impressive page. The handwritten logo conveys the creators’ feelings to cherish the crop and give viewers a sense of security.” Full “(Art Director Shirai)

2: Farm Nagashima (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Plant: Shiitake mushroom, Kikurage

Farm Nagashima (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

The strong logo looks like a farmer with a long history. This homepage belongs to the Nagashima farm, which has been cultivated on the same plot for 500 years. In addition to readable articles about the history of farms and an introduction to selected crops, information about direct sales offices where you can buy is also available. We also operate SNS (Social Network Service) and you can check the timely store opening on Facebook.

“The impressive thing is that the whole homepage is very well balanced in terms of logo, background, text color, … The difference compared to the general homepage is the layout different from the general homepage. In the use of images. illustration in the navigation section for the viewer. It makes me feel attached “(Web developer Muramatsu)

3: Quiet house (Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Crops: Tsukui native soybeans, vegetables

Quiet house (Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

In Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, a type of soybean called “native Tsukui” dates back to the Edo period, and this soybean is also grown in quiet houses. We hold workshops to make miso and make soy sauce using all the local crops. The website has large and easy-to-get bright photos, designed to be easy on the eyes so that you can get to know the calm home with blog and SNS.

“By fully unifying with white, it gives a simple and healthy impression like organic farming, no additive. It responds that it is automatically optimized and displayed even on the phone. smart, so users It’s an easy-to-use homepage for you “(Art Director Shirai)

4: Beautiful farm (Himi City, Toyama Prefecture)

Crops: rice, vegetables

A beautiful farm that grows rice and vegetables free of pesticides and fertilizers in Himi City, Toyama Prefecture. The owner was very impressed by the greatness of natural farming and became a farmer. We also introduced SNS, which is regularly updated, which uses a large space on the homepage. We have also opened a store called “Tanenowa” that offers vegan dishes made with vegetables from the fields and we have also set up a website dedicated to “Tanenowa” to explain feeling “stick to the seed”.

“Designing using images across the browser has a huge impact. This type of page is characterized by the fact that the image of the image on the front page becomes the image of the homepage and is very easy to leave an impression” (Designer web Mr. Ikebata)

5: Terada Farm (Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture)

Plant: tomato

A Terada farmer grows tomatoes in a natural rich land called Hida Takayama. We also introduced tomato juice, which is made into a juice without adding anything other than tomatoes, using a lot of tomatoes that have been harvested after waiting until they are fully ripe. The logo uses circular motifs reminiscent of a tomato, making it a lovely homepage.

“Hand-drawn fonts and hand-drawn designs create a soft atmosphere. The slides that automatically appear on the front page effectively conveys a product or farm image.” (Art Director ・ Mr. Shirai)

6: WABISUKE (Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture)

Plant: Eggs kept flat

The website of WABISUKE, a chicken farmer in Kyoto Prefecture, is included in the design of the top page for the first time. The large layout of the paintings conveys the atmosphere of the farm. The remarkable point is the cute egg illustration, making you want to read from one content to the next. High expectations for the deliciousness of eggs from the free air of the chickens can be leisurely spent.

“As you scroll, the photos and letters come out one after another and I think it’s fun to use parallax effect. The pictures are also hollowed out in an egg shape, which is very impressive. white, reminiscent of eggs. The color scheme fits perfectly on the chicken farmer’s homepage. “(Muramatsu Web Developer)

7: Mikie Farm (Nishiyo City, Ehime Prefecture)

Crops: citrus sugar, water citrus

This is an orange farm in the Nishiuwa region, Ehime prefecture. Trang with the vast landscape of Mikan terraces seen from above is impressive. We also make rich orange juice made from farm-harvested oranges, which can be purchased directly from our website.

“The mikan juice product label-like shape is fine for the logo and the intro button on the EC page. So the user can naturally picture this site and the mikan juice as a relationship” (Web designer Mr. Ikebata)

What does Impressive Farmer’s homepage have in common?

What do the seven homepage pages featured here have in common? Mr. Shirai, the artistic director, said, “I think the” delicious “and” wholesome “image of the product can be strongly represented on any web page.” Mr. Ikebata, a designer, commented, “Farmers’ homes whose crops and products they work hard at are designed to take advantage of their strengths, which makes them more memorable. . “

On the other hand, Mr. Muramatsu, the developer, said “In this era, it is essential to create a homepage that is compatible with smartphones. There are some pages that are not” responsive “shown at optimal status even on smartphones and tablets. In the future, it may be necessary to create a more responsive homepage. “

For the home pages that introduce the company and the product, conveying the “selling” points on the farmer’s home page can be very important. First of all, find the homepage that you are interested in and consider what kind of good grades it seems to be a reference for making a homepage.