Ibaraki prefecture opens “Ibaraki Agricultural Academy” to become an outstanding farmer

“Ibaraki Agricultural Academy”, a comprehensive study of agriculture

In May 2017, Ibaraki prefecture opened the “Ibaraki Agricultural Academy,” which offers a place for a holistic study of agriculture. The “Academy” is aimed at people who are interested in agriculture, such as farmers, new farmers and students. Industry-academy-government collaboration is a comprehensive way of acquiring advanced management competencies and the latest technological capabilities in the agricultural sector. We will provide a place to study. In 2017, 22 courses will be held.

Ibaraki prefecture is the second largest agricultural prefecture in Japan for eight consecutive years in terms of agricultural output. It is characterized by the location of national agricultural research institutes, universities, educational institutions of vocational schools, and many private companies. To date, we have provided a variety of learning opportunities aimed at fostering agricultural workers with a strong sense of management and high technical competencies by taking advantage of an educational environment, This training and research luck. We have focused on the academy so you can take more courses in a more systematic way.

Ibaraki farmer training course

On August 3, 2017, the opening ceremony and the first course of one of the academy’s major courses, “Ibaraki 2017 Leadership Agricultural Management Development Course 2017”, will be held at the Center. Agricultural research in Ibaraki prefecture (Yasui, Kasama city, the same prefecture). I fall.

This course has been offered since 2016, before the academy opened. This time is the second semester, 20 students in the province gather from all over the province, from growing upland vegetables, vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, wet rice … to pig farmers who want to process. , tourism farm. It was.

During the 7 months through February 2018, 13 lectures will be held to explore topics about business management, understanding of distribution management / marketing, labor and finance, and tissue planning. business appearance for 5 years from now on your own. ..

Kaiji Suzuki, director of the center, said at the opening ceremony, “The province has seriously promoted industry-academy-government cooperation since 2003, when agricultural reform began to the head is called upon. This course. I want you to stay informed and to cultivate your perspective as an agricultural development leader and manager. Also, I want you to use it as a place to build personal connections. “

At the post-opening orientation, Mr. Genki Kurihara and Mr. Shinsaku Taguchi, who took the course last year came on stage and said, “Of course, you can analyze the financial statements learned in organizational management courses and practice. , I am dealing with my daily activities with an awareness of my attitude as a manager, ”he said of attendance experience and subsequent changes.

The first topic of the course is “Understanding how to make a business strategy.” Mr. Kazuhiro Shoji, an agricultural consultant, is a lecturer and explains the basic thinking about the validation and use of management resources, which is summarized as “people, goods and money.” On that basis, we have developed content that fits real thinking by applying it to the student-run organization.

Suzuki, director of the academy operating center, said, “This course is a practical content aimed at improving management skills, but it is also for learners of specialized skills, learners of the basics. about machine operation and women. We are planning a practice course for new farmers, etc. We hope that more people will use it as an opportunity to learn about agriculture and learn about agriculture. “

Ibaraki Agricultural Academy http://www.agriacademy.pref.ibaraki.jp/