Macron receives agricultural unions on Friday to talk about the CAP

Emmanuel Macron will receive the five main agricultural unions on Friday July 20 to present their vision of the next Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), under negotiation at European level, the Elysee said Thursday, July 19. “During Rungis’ speech in October, the president presented his idea of ​​a leading France for healthy, safe and sustainable food,” said an Elyos source. FNSEA, JA, Rural Coordination, Confédération paysanne and Modef must be received by the president on Friday. “It was important that he reaffirms in the summer his vision of the CAP”, for which he wants France “to be a pulling force”, she added.

CAP and Food Law on the program

This meeting comes shortly after a controversy over the involvement of the government in the negotiation of the future CAP. The president will “reaffirm his commitment to a proactive CAP on the budgetary plan”, that is to say with a stable budget within the framework of a Europe of 27. He will also recall “his three ambitions: risk management climate and the fight against price volatility, the acceleration of the environmental transition and the structuring of sectors “, according to the same source.

The CAP will be the dominant subject of this meeting, but the five unions having deplored last week the failure in the joint committee to agree on the Food law, “this is the opportunity to answer their questions”, according to the Elysee. The stumbling block was in particular the role of the sectors in the creation of production cost indicators. “There is still a huge amount of work to be done in the structuring of our sectors at the French level”, according to the Elysée, which ensures that “if the indicators and standard contracts are not validated by the three parties (producers, processors and distributors ), it will not work “.

“The CAP must be the extension of this strategic reflection of the French sectors. The cultural change that is being carried out on the dialogue between producers, processors and distributors may tomorrow be accompanied by mechanisms in the CAP that go in this direction , so it’s really important, “according to the same source. In addition, the president will make an inventory in October of the States General of Food (EGA), one year after the workshops.

(With AFP)