Solving the problem of “unstable income, little human resources” with ideas What is a former agricultural designer with skills?

acclaim. Mika is a non-alcoholic beer.

Yumi Sakai, the editorial board of the “Girls drinking beer” website for women to enjoy more beer, talks about the growing number of agricultural girls holding beer in hand.

The second is “Yamauchi Vineyard” in Chofu City, Tokyo, near Sengawa Station on the Keio Line. Mika Yamauchi is currently taking over the farm she has been farming for her grandparents generation.

At Yamauchi Vineyard, vegetables of many seasons are grown, focusing on grapes such as “Tama Yutaka” born in Chofu City, “Kyoho” and “Pione”. Various events are held year round, such as grape picking, small farm experience tours and fruit pizza making. We also accept student volunteers who belong to the university’s agriculture group.

This time, we interviewed Mika Yamauchi, the third generation of Yamauchi Vineyard.

The peasant’s daughter’s attitude was raised and perfected like a puzzler

-: Tell us how Mika started farming?

Mika Yamauchi (Mika): My father is dead. Around that time, I just graduated from Bidai and applied for a job at a design company in Osaka. My grandfather worked hard for a while after his father’s death, but because of his hard work he stopped and decided to officially start farming.

-: I didn’t feel like suddenly, but what was your feeling then?

Mika: My grandparents had the notion that “rickshaw on top”, so I was pushed back in my childhood, but I wondered if I would take over the farm one day.

However, my parents didn’t say so strongly, and while my dad was fine, I decided to go to Bidai and continue to be a designer, thinking about doing what I like.

It’s too early to take over, but by doing what I like, I think I’ve been able to accept fate smoothly.

“I thought I was able to start farming smoothly because my father was able to do what he liked when he was healthy,” he recalls.

-: Have you ever studied agriculture?

Mika: When I was a child I was very playful, when I grew up I worked as a maid during the busy season and I had no knowledge of proper agriculture. For this reason, I participated in a year-long seminar on fruit and whole-crop cultivation at the “Cultivation Technique Training” conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and then officially began to cultivate.

However, only general theory was learned there. When I actually started it for the first time, the crop was affected by weather and soil quality, and I was reminded that I had to define my own field.

Earn money at events and replenish your workforce with volunteers

-: You had a hard time, didn’t you?

Mika: The difficulty starts when you succeed on the farm. Since “inherit” means inheritance, there is a payment of inheritance tax. Depending on the person, it seems that you may have to give up half of the land. Especially because this area is close to the city center, convenient to travel, land prices also increase.

Another problem is that it is difficult to have stable income. The selling price is 100 yen and 200 yen. You cannot make a profit unless you grow a lot and sell a lot. I am still exchanging information with the friends I meet during training, but even on the day I make the most money, the average is around 10,000 yen. The months are not in season, the income plummeted, so it is difficult for an ordinary man to have a new family starting a farm.

In my case, there is a good crop called an orchard. So I decided to supplement my income by holding events on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition to the harvest and seeding experience, we cook using freshly picked vegetables. In particular, it seems that children can enjoy an extraordinary experience of allowing them to use a kitchen knife that they normally do not have. Instagram has become popular lately, so planning to incorporate slightly out of the ordinary ingredients to make it look like Instagram is also a point of note.

Thank you, parents who are interested in food education are joining the whole family with their children. I’ve only been starting for about a year, but someone reminds me.

An outdoor pizza oven to bake a pizza full of vegetables and fruits. At the event planned by Mika, you can enjoy a special experience

-: Are you doing your daily job alone?

Mika: My mother and the relatives of my mom usually help me, and on Saturdays and Sundays my husband works for a company that helps me, so I’m doing some things. However, the work is hard because the mother and relatives are both old. So when we are recruiting volunteers over the Internet, the university’s agriculture students visit us about three times a month. Thanks to that, I am really grateful that I can help work stronger and more efficiently with a large number of people.

Also, as I said about the event before, the experience of harvesting and the experience of sowing seeds is also valuable “labor”.

A satisfying feeling that the “delicious” voice can be heard directly even when you are busy

-: I think your life has changed a lot compared to when you were a designer, is your life fun now?

Mika: Even when my income dropped, it was still much more rewarding than back then, so I think it was fun. On top of that, I am very happy that the client’s voice comes directly. At the event, the participants will eat while saying “it’s delicious”, and some will send an email saying “it’s fun” after they return home.

Also, I sell vegetables to a local restaurant and you can tell me the response there. I didn’t have these when I was a company employee, so it felt very rewarding.

I hardly have days off so it might be a bit difficult, but I share information with friends I have met during the girls’ agricultural projects and training through Facebook, and I usually do. that once a year. It is encouraging because I have the opportunity to meet and socialize every six months.

Mika said, “I like beer, but I’ll have one until the end of next year.” Congratulations on non-alcoholic beer.

Will you be drinking beer until next year? – The second child is about to be born

-: By the way, this project is “Fun with agricultural girls and beer”, do you like beer?

Mika: I love it! The first thing to drink during a drink is beer. But I haven’t taken it for about 3 years. I became pregnant for two years before my first child was born and before the end of breastfeeding.

-: The second person is pregnant! I think my baby is about to be 2 years old, but balancing child care and farming is not that difficult?

Mika: To be honest, it’s very difficult. I think it depends on the child’s age, but now I’m in kindergarten. I didn’t know where to go when I started walking, and it was difficult to touch where farm equipment was kept.

I can’t do my own thing yet, so I’ll prepare to send it to kindergarten around 7am and pick it up by 17:30 in the evening. It is very helpful because my husband will send it in the morning.

After dinner, I do my last job of the day from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, then shower and go to bed.

Agriculture is “the source of life” and “life itself”

-: Farm work on weekdays and weekend events. I heard that you’re doing well even though you’re busy. Let us know your future prospects.

Mika: The more popular the word “agricultural girl” becomes, the more people learn about agriculture. Regardless of whether you started farming or not, I wanted to plan an event to let you know more about the possibilities of vegetables and fruits.

For example, an adult night tour offering sangria using fruit from an orchard or a dyeing class using vegetables and fruits.

There are also inheritance taxes and fixed assets tax, so recommending new farming is difficult, but because the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has issued preventive measures such as training and support, it is not known whether Is it easy to do? If you want to start, I think you should be as young as possible. It’s easy to blend in with the region. Also, if you do, I think it would be easier to continue learning management and marketing.

-: What can you tell Mika-san about agriculture in one word?

Mika: I think it’s “the origin of human life” and “relationship to life itself.” It affects both the plant life and the human life. Especially since I started raising children, I became more aware of food safety issues than before, so in my opinion, it is the most basic human thing. I feel that agriculture is indispensable for people.

Mika taught us the fact that even with arable land, there are still many problems such as inheritance tax, unstable income, and insufficient manpower to start farming. However, it was an interview that showed that the problem came up with the idea and resulted in lots of smiles. If a night tour for adults is done, I’d like you to order beer as well as Sangria.

Mika and the sign at the entrance to the Yamauchi Vineyard. This design belongs to Mika

Yamauchi Vineyard Official Facebook Page

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