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Today, the environment surrounding the agricultural sector is changing due to the entry of companies into the agricultural sector, the sixth industrialization of agriculture, and an increase in the number of young people wanting to start farming. . This diploma is established with the aim of developing human resources that can provide management consultancy based on the specifics of agriculture for tax accountants, certified accountants, financial institution staff, cooperative staff. agriculture, etc. It is attracting more and more attention as a reassuring presence for farmers and companies considering new entrants. I will introduce the outline in detail.

Support money agriculture. The agricultural management consultant was challenged by the female tax accountant, “Money story”, asked the tax accountant “New farmer’s money-hungry attitude”

What qualifications should an agricultural management consultant have?

Professional management x agricultural perspectives

Agricultural Management Advisor is a qualification system certified by Japan Finance and Policy Corporation. It was established in 2005 with the aim of developing human resources that can assist in improving management useful to agricultural managers. As the agricultural surroundings changed, there was a lot of consultation from farmers. Meanwhile, there should be “human resources who are experts in tax, labor, marketing and understand the specifics of agriculture”. Agricultural Management Advisor is a publicly-traded qualification certified as a specialist for the needs of agricultural management and proficient in all agricultural management consulting.

Eligible to participate in the exam

Qualifying individuals such as tax accountants, certified accountants, SME physicians, financial institution staff and related organizations / groups such as agricultural cooperatives are eligible to work. agricultural management consultant. Of the successful applicants so far, 42% are employed in financial institutions, followed by 23% of those who qualify as certified tax accountants and accountants.

How to use a certificate after obtaining a certificate

If you work for a financial institution, you can use it to provide advice when existing clients are considering entering a new agricultural sector or considering sponsoring farmers. In addition, it is possible to assist agricultural managers looking to expand their business with the goal of becoming the sixth most industrial country in agriculture in terms of marketing and labor.

If you are a tax accountant or a certified accountant, you can provide management diagnostics, business planning and aggroup establishment advice to agricultural managers. It will be easier to organize tax consultations in agricultural cooperatives. If you are an employee of an agricultural cooperative or related organization, you will be able to respond to the consultations of everyday farmers from a broader perspective.

What is the test content and difficulty?

What is the content of the exam?

Exams are usually held twice a year and are a collection of examinations and training. The schedule is 5 days, and during the first 4 days, you will learn about the tax system, labor, marketing and agricultural land, these are also exams, and the exam will be held on the last day. . The exams are mainly written exams and essay questions to confirm knowledge learned in the training course. If you pass, you will be asked to submit a report. Then do an interview test, if you pass it okay and you will become an agricultural management consultant.

The passing rate of the recent exam is 63.8% (announced by Japan Finance and Policy Corporation in January 2016). The training / examination fee is 25,000 yen for certified tax accountants and tax accountants, and 35,000 yen for others. The test site is only in Tokyo.

The diploma is valid for 5 years from the month the certificate is issued. To extend, a renewal condition is that you have attended the Agricultural Management Advisory Meeting at least once within the valid period. Documents will be reviewed and the renewal fee will be 5,000 yen.

The level of “agricultural management consultant” that demand will increase in the future

According to a questionnaire * by Japan Finance and Policy Corporation, which is a source of expertise, only 40% of farmers are aware of the existence of agricultural management advisers. With the recent acceleration of agribusiness, it is expected that farmers who have difficulty in management will become apparent and the need for agricultural management advice will increase.

New opportunities are emerging in the agribusiness sector, which are expected to grow in the future and in related fields. Why not consider taking the exam to seize new business opportunities?

Agricultural management advisor, who gives comprehensive advice to agricultural managers. We assist in managing cooperation with financial institutions when needed. For advice with agricultural management advisors, please contact a financial institution or an agricultural related organization, or search from the “National List of Agricultural Management Advisors. “on the Japan Policy Finance Corporation website.

Support money agriculture. The agricultural management consultant is challenged by the female tax accountant “Money story” to ask the tax accountant

* Summary of questionnaire
Conducted as a “special survey” in the first half of 2015 of the survey of agribusiness conditions
1. Respondents Who has the loan balance of the Agricultural Management Facility Enhancement Fund, etc.
2. Time of survey June 5, 2015 to June 22, 2015
3. Number of valid responses 6,726 First recovery rate 28%