Support money agriculture. Challenge the agricultural management consultant of a female tax accountant

“Agricultural management consultant” attracts attention as an agricultural support specialist from the management side. This degree is established with the aim of developing professionals who can satisfy all forms of agricultural management consulting. The woman who achieved this certificate last year is Junko Yoshikawa, who is also working as a tax accountant and small and medium business doctor.

We asked Mr. Yoshikawa, a complete amateur in the agricultural sector, about the reasons for having an agricultural management consultant, what has changed after obtaining his degree and his future prospects.

Support farmer’s business! Request degree now “Agricultural Management Advisor”

Questions about food safety have sparked interest in agriculture

After graduating from university and working in the tax accounting department, Mr. Yoshikawa obtained a degree in tax accounting and a doctorate in small and medium enterprises. He comes from Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which is famous for tea and oranges production, but he says he had very little connection with agriculture up until that time.

“The reason is my experience when visiting a friend in China three years ago in 2014. I heard that housework is a burden, so when I hear about pesticides, every day. eating vegetables takes an hour. It is said that they are washing. Even in Japan, the safety of Chinese agricultural products was frequently reported, but I was shocked to see the real situation first hand. “

After returning to Japan, I heard that the local Numazu was experiencing an industrial decline due to the declining population, and I felt even more upset. While there are countries where food safety is threatened, Japanese agriculture, which produces safe and delicious agricultural products, is declining. My first step in agriculture was thinking, “Can we get rid of this mismatch?”

Reasons for choosing an agricultural management consultant

Mr. Yoshikawa cares, but doesn’t understand anything about agriculture. First, he thought he would systematically acquire knowledge, he said that it was the agricultural management consultant who came after searching for degrees related to agriculture.

“According to the experience in the tax accountant certification exam, it will be very fast to improve my level to acquire systematic knowledge. Because I have established the test preparation on weekdays by myself. If you have enough time, if you are not exempt, you must participate for 5 days from Monday to Friday, so I think the employees need to support the job.

What I learned from the Agricultural Management Counseling Exam

In the fall of 2016, Mr. Yoshikawa will take the qualification test for agricultural management consultant. The Agricultural Management Counseling exam is characterized by a set of training courses and exams. In the case of Mr. Yoshikawa, he took the exam after two days of training. (* For certified tax accountants and tax accountants. For general exam, 4-day training)

“There are 6 subjects in total, of which 2 are reporting subjects, so there are 4 written exams. Because I have a tax accounting degree, 1 of the 4 subjects is “Agricultural Accounting / Agricultural Tax”. I was exempt from the subjects and took 3 exams ”.

How did you prepare for the exam? “I was informed in advance of the textbook to be used in the training so I bought the book, read it and then attended the lecture. There was a lot to learn, and I studied almost all night. before the test date. I think it’s harder for those who take the four subjects.

After that, after submitting my report and interviewing the group, in January 2017, I passed. It passed the test after crossing the barrier with a 63% (* 1) pass rate. However, he said that he has achieved more than he does with a degree.

“It’s great to feel that the movement to promote Japanese agriculture is on the rise nationwide. Most of the contestants come from financial institutions like JA and banking. He’s thinking seriously about reform. Japanese agriculture. Talking to people who are frequently exposed to agriculture deepened his feelings for agriculture. “

In Japanese agriculture, it is said that the judges exchanged such positive stories “Where should we change while making the best use of the good points so far?”

I want to support all the problems of agriculture from an economic perspective

“I am also a tax accountant, so I wanted to answer farmers’ concerns about money. Also, as a small and medium business doctor, I started attending many different classes and networking. My network has expanded significantly.You can also connect with experts like IT and IT, and you can also act as a bridge.I hope that you can talk about various related issues. to agriculture. “

Experts can share their thoughts on agriculture as well as money. Its presence will be a very encouraging partner for those interested in farming.

Mr. Yoshikawa said, “Agriculture has no special meaning. I want the new farmers to try their best with a sense of flatness.” As a tax accountant, this word has a lot of weight because this is an expert who has solved money problems in various disciplines.

“I have been helped by many people since I became independent and I have come to where I am today. That’s why I want to become someone who can freely consult with farmers. And that person’s burden is lighter. That would be very good for me too. “

Be interested in agriculture due to food insecurity and contribute to the development of agriculture by using its own skills. Another encouraging ally was born in the future of agriculture.

: Farmer’s Business Support! Request degree now “Agricultural Management Advisor”

Tax accountant / small and medium business doctor. Agricultural management advisor. Born in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Study at Shizuoka University and study in China for a year (Yakeyo City, Hunan Province). After graduation, after working as an English conversation lecturer and tax accounting office, opened Junko Yoshikawa tax accounting office in October 2014. Then, in September 2016, he was registered as a doctor for small and medium business. Registered as an agricultural management consultant in January 2017.


* 1 Introduction to the agricultural management advisory system (Japan Policy and Finance Corporation)