Fourth: Law on Labor Standards and internal regulations

There are “people, goods and money” that are supposed to be the three resources needed to manage. Business management is the measures to maximize and effectively use these resources to increase the company’s profits. Labor management refers to all measures related to maximizing the personal capabilities of “people (employees)” as a part of business management.

There is no specific method of labor management. One of them is the emphasis on creating a friendly atmosphere on the farm. This is because good agricultural products can only be produced and trusted by consumers in the workplace where the entire organization, including the manager, is employed in a single vacuum. gas like a big family.

The primary purpose of labor management is to create an environment where employees can work with peace of mind. To achieve that, we must adjust the treatment of workers without obscuring them, in order to balance it with other industries. “Management” in labor management is not “tied”, but “management” for employees to work effectively and assured.

Law on labor and agricultural standards

The Labor Standards Law was originally intended to protect workers, but in the agriculture and livestock industries some of these laws do not apply. This is because agricultural management, related to nature, is not suited to management like other professions. However, even within this agricultural sector, conflicts between labor and management constantly occur, and the handling of heavy machinery and livestock is also very dangerous. As long as we hire human resources as managers, we need to be aware of labor-related laws as common sense. From the management’s point of view, items that need special attention are summarized below.

Labor regulations

It is essential to set specific rules for the organization to function properly. Labor rules are the specific working conditions of employees working on the farm and the rules that all employees must consistently follow. If the number of employees does not always have 10 or more employees, it is not required to create, but considering the possibility of expanding the farm and developing new businesses, it is still advisable to prepare regardless the number of employees. Sound.

The most important rule for managers to manage labor is the Labor Standards Law, and the rule that employees need to follow is the labor regulations. As a manager, you are obligated to comply with the Labor Standards Law if you have at least one employee. At the same time, there should be a recruitment rule, even if there is only one employee.

The different rules of the company

Among the items described in the employment regulations, it can be prepared as a separate rule if necessary. These are often referred to as internal policies, but the main policies are:

① Travel expenses regulations

Agricultural information and technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, and managers and staff can be trained outside. Especially on large farms it is essential to acquire specialized knowledge as each part is specific. When travel expenses need to be paid for business reasons, deciding on the settlement amounts and the daily allowance amount is an essential rule in the company.

② Condolence regulations

Condolences can be paid when relatives of an employee are unhappy or have a death anniversary. The main points in creating the rules are the scope and amount of payments. We will also include this provision if we offer employee vacations with condolences.

Salary regulations and retirement benefits regulations

While these provisions are intended to enhance employee welfare, they also have tax savings benefits. For example, when a manager travels for business and pays a daily allowance in a situation where nothing is specified, it is considered a “staff bonus” and is in danger of additional taxation by national tax authority. Since regulators can easily handle their money freely, there are tax restrictions on private redirects.

Generally, if it is paid under company rules, it can be charged as a legitimate expense by the organization. There is no salary tax. We recommend that you maintain internal rules to avoid paying additional taxes.

Source: Orrence Company Limited Joint leadership “Do your best! Management board”

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