Part 1: Recruitment method and procedures after recruitment

In agricultural management, ensuring an appropriate workforce is always a problem. Even if you hire employees, if you can’t build a good relationship, you won’t be able to secure a stable workforce. However, there are still many cases where valuable human resources are separated by ignoring employment-related procedures. In some cases, you hire a full-time employee but don’t even apply for a job, or don’t even know your address and contact information. If something goes wrong, how do you resolve it? Employees also have lives, dreams and goals. In order for employees and management to clarify their rights and obligations, it is a step for managers to take responsibility for the employees’ lives to them in writing, from each other’s decisions to the payment of wages important. Here, let’s reconfirm the flow from the recruitment method to the post-recruitment process.

Recruitment method

There are many different recruitment methods, but we have summarized the pros and cons of the main recruitment methods. Meet the best people in the best way, depending on the age group of the people you need and whether or not you have experience.

1. Hello job

Benefits: Free to use. Job information can be sent nationally.

Cons: The paperwork is complicated.

2. Introduce acquaintances

Benefits: Usually not expensive. You can know your background and personality in advance.

Cons: Not only the employer, but also the referral relationship should be considered.

3. School recruitment

Benefits: No fee. You can perform recruitment activities taking into account the characteristics of educational institutions such as high schools, universities, vocational schools and various training schools.

Cons: Since it is intended for fresh graduates and second graders, experienced people are not recruited.

4. Journal of job information

Merit: You can do recruitment activities in one area or target depending on your budget.

Cons: There is a fee. Since the information will be sent over a certain period of time, the response will vary depending on the time of posting.

5. Job information page

Merit: Can send a variety of job information.

Cons: There is a fee. It cannot be used without a website accessible terminal.

6. Human resource introduction

Merit: You can carefully seek the desired personnel with the support of the referring company.

Disadvantage: High price because it ensures reliability.

Determine the salary

Salary is decided based on age and experience and average salary in the vicinity, labor and management agree.

At this point, care must be taken not to fall below the minimum wage converted to hourly wages set by each province. * You can check the latest minimum wage information on the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Procedures after work

1. Sign a written labor contract

We will prepare two copies of contract documents describing the salary, contract term, workplace, content of work, hours worked, whether to work overtime, and working conditions such as Holidays and holidays, signed and stamped and kept for both staff and management.

2. Participate in labor insurance / social insurance

Labor insurance is a general term to refer to occupational accident insurance and employment insurance. Submit insurance-related facility notices to the relevant Labor Standards Inspection Office or the Office of Public Employment Security (Hello Work).

Privately run farmers are voluntary if they have less than 5 employees and are required if they are a corporation.

Procedures for participating in social insurance are done at the competent retirement agency in the locality where they do business.

Registration is required if it’s a company. For private management, basically, if the number of regular employees is 5 or more, there is an obligation to participate, but for agriculture and livestock, there is no obligation to participate.

Above is the process of necessary procedures from recruitment to right after recruitment.

Pay attention to the first process to build a relationship of trust with your employees.

Source: Orrence Company Limited Joint leadership “Do your best! Management board”

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