Third: The special enrollment system for occupational accident insurance

In the first part of the series, I confirmed a series of procedures for recruitment, but I will re-confirm the industrial accident insurance covered in it. Industrial accident insurance is an individual agribusiness and if the number of employees is always less than 5 people, it is considered[doanh nghiệp đăng ký tự nguyện tạm thời]and in principle, is required to voluntarily participate. Industrial accident insurance is a system to compensate for workers’ occupational accidents or work-road accidents, so in principle, individual business owners and their representatives / officers corporation is not subject to protection. Huh!

However, even people excluded from this range can suffer losses if they work with employees. Therefore, the “special enrollment system” of industrial accident insurance is allowed to be admitted so that these people can also receive compensation. If the business owner “specially participates” then all employees are obliged to participate. Workers’ accident insurance is effective in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong in your daily job, so if you’re not a business owner, consider taking it one-off.

What are the requirements for specific workers and specifically possibly involved agricultural machinery workers?

① Specific employees

A freelance (labor) farmer cultivating or clearing land, cultivating or harvesting crops, breeding or raising silkworms with a gross annual revenue of 3 million yen or more agricultural products or area of ​​cultivated land from 2 ha or more. Persons engaged in (a) through (e) the following, including domestic workers other than those who are not working, fall into the category of “specific worker”.

(A) Working on energy-powered machines

(B) Work at altitudes of 2 meters or more

(C) Work in places with danger of lack of oxygen, such as silo and shavings

(D) Agrochemical spray work

(E) Work that may or may interact with cows, horses and pigs

② Designated agricultural machinery worker

Freelance farmers (including non-worker family workers) who use the following machines to cultivate or clear land, plant or harvest crops are “designated agricultural machine workers. to “. It corresponds to “person”.

(A) Grower

(B) Electric groove machine

(C) Self-propelled rice growing machines

(D) Self-propelled speed injection machines and other self-propelled control machines

(E) Other reaper, combine and self-propelled harvesters

(F) Trucks and other self-propelled transport machines

(G) Machines such as stationary or portable electric pumps and lawn mowers

Enrollment procedure

In the case of a farmer, for a person who meets the above requirements to participate, usually the JA (Agricultural Cooperatives Association) to which he or she belongs is the point of contact with the member organization.

Types of insurance benefits

If the occupational accident is recognized, the occupational accident insurance will enjoy the following benefits.

・ Medical treatment benefits (compensation)

In-kind benefits related to examination / hospitalization due to trauma, nursing related to medical treatment, and drugs / treatment materials.

・ Vacation benefits (compensation)

60% of the daily basic benefit is paid for the period you are unable to work during medical treatment (since 4th day off).

・ Injury and sickness allowance (compensation)

If the injury or illness does not heal even after 1 year and 6 months from the start of treatment for the injury or illness, and the disability level falls under a certain degree of disability or illness, it will be cleared. payment as a grant.

・ Disability allowance (compensation)

Lump-sum or retirement benefits are provided by disability category after the injury or illness has healed.

・ Family benefits are saved (compensation)

Benefits for some bereaved families when the worker dies.

Along with the business expansion, the number of businesses using non-family members is increasing. Workers’ compensation should be considered, even at a scale that does not require participation in industrial accidents. So is compensating yourself and your loved one. Welfare enhancement, including insurance, will be a key point in agricultural management in the future.

Source: Orrence Company Limited Joint leadership “Do your best! Management board”

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