Thursday: About labor management

Continuing from the last time, we will focus on labor management. This time, we will explain which items need to be maintained under applicable law and those that must be considered in future industry flows. We cannot overlook the benefits of preparing employment conditions and records that are beneficial to employers.

Why do you need an employment contract

The Labor Standards Law stipulates that when entering into a labor contract, the employer must clearly state the important working conditions for the employee in writing. In fact, this is an exchange of employment contracts that clearly states working conditions.

– Issues must be clearly stated in writing when recruiting-

(1) Term of employment contract (If there is no term then “no term”)

② Work place, work to stick with

③ Start / end times, holidays, vacations, shifts during working hours

Salary-related issues (decision, calculation method, salary payment method, deadline, deadline, salary increase)

⑤ Retirement (including the reason for dismissal)

Relevant Law: Amended part-time labor law (effective April 2015)

Before the amendment, the Part-Time Labor Law requires that when hiring part-time workers, in addition to points (1) to (5) above, it must state “whether there is a raise or not” and “whether there are bonuses” . However, due to the amendment “If the treatment of part-time workers is different from that of ordinary workers, it may be considered unreasonable considering the content of the duties, the using human resources and other cases. It is not. “In the future, it is necessary to improve the job management of part-time workers.

Related topic: Contract documentation is required even when applying for benefits

Nowadays, diversifying work styles and reducing the number of candidates is becoming a social issue, and many subsidies and job incentives have been given by the Agriculture Council and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. We have prepared items for a variety of needs, such as “I want to hire a new employee as a full-time employee” and “I want to try before I become a full-time employee”. However, to use these systems, companies need to have some conditions related to labor management, and often have to prepare papers as required by law.

Example 1) “Agribusiness” (subsidy for training costs and labor insurance amounts for new employees)

Necessary documents include “employment contract” and “working rules”.

Example 2) “Promotion of trial work” (allowance for when a person has difficulty finding a job is hired as a trial job)

Required documents include the “payroll ledger” and “timekeeping records”.

The concept of paid annual leave

In the Labor Standards Law, regulations on working hours, breaks and overtime / days off (extra pay) are exempt in the agriculture and livestock sector, but regulations for annual leave is applicable. .. The employee is entitled to paid annual leave under the provisions of the Labor Standards Law when the employee works continuously for 6 months and works at least 80% of the working days.

* Due to the revision from 2012, you can get it by the hour.

This is intended to meet the need for onsite vacations such as going to the children’s hospital, and although managing is complicated as a manager, I also want to consider it effective.

Do you need extra wages

Under the current law, paying extra wages is not required for overtime and holiday work, but the industry is offering a wage system comparable to other industries by promoting the industrialization of agriculture. six. It can become common sense.

In addition, the system of foreign skills internships basically complies with labor-related laws and regulations to ensure a work environment equivalent to that of other industries. As foreign employment expands, the concept of supplementary wages will become more prevalent in agriculture in the near future.

Large-scale farms also started under family management. The Labor Standards Law does not only apply to domestic workers or domestic workers, so even when the size of the business management becomes large and the decision to outsource is still the same as before. Some managers are not conscious of labor management.

In the future, managers will need a stronger awareness of labor management. In addition, we must always remember that “labor and management are equal”.

Source: Orrence Company Limited Joint leadership “Do your best! Management board”

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