5 delicious meats voted by “GOOD MEAT”, with different flavors for beef, pork, duck

Anyway, the cows are raised in a safe and guaranteed environment

GOOD MEAT is a butcher shop run by three people, including Mr. Kawabe, and started a wholesale business for restaurants.

It was the “piece of meat” that strongly connected three people, each with a different career and just a business partner. The three people love to eat meat, just eating and walking is not enough, so they visited various ranches in search of really delicious meat.

By touching the actual state of the farm, most of the cows have grown in a way that has become famous in the history of the livestock industry, and when released in the wilderness and moved freely, the cows are A cow is an herbivore. I learned that eating and growing up is really rare.

“Kuroge Japanese beef is receiving great support in Japan, but there are other breeds of delicious beef. And no matter how delicious, I want to eat unless the breeder is really interested in the breeding environment. I couldn’t think of it, most of all, I thought it would be pointless if it wasn’t good, so I opened a wholesale store I started selling it to the public because I wanted more people to know about meat. Because I think, “Kawabe said.

THI GON VAP is carefully selected, with 5 delicious meats

Here are five types of meat (beef, pork, and duck) that Kawabe loves, along with recommended ways to eat them.

1: Aka Beef (Yamamura from Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture, Makino Uedajiri Association)

According to statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in July 2017, about 97% of Japanese beef in circulation is black-haired Japanese beef, and the image of Japanese beef with black hair = Japanese beef has been confirmed. with certainty to consumers. I will. However, among Japanese beef, red beef (Japanese brown feathers) accounts for about 1.3%. (* 1) Kawabe says that red cows that are grazing and growing on grass are “very rare.”

At GOOD TIMBER, Uedajiri raises red cows by feeding grass growing on 280 hectares of grazing land (won the award of Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries at the 2010 National Grassland Breeding Competition) in the magnificent nature of Aso. We are affiliated with the Makino Association.

“Aka beef has a very good balance of lean to fat. If you want to eat tenderloin but get heavier and heavier, I recommend red beef tenderloin. Then, sliced ​​loins and sukiyaki. Shabushabu is also delicious.” You can enjoy the deliciousness of both lean and fat. “

2: Tokachi ZETTON grazing pig (Obihiro city, Hokkaido, own pig farm)

Tokachi ZETTON grazing pigs are raised on a farm with GOOD MEAT to participate in management, sympathizing with the commitment of the producer.

It is said that free-range pigs tend to be tender because they are actively moving. However, the pigs on this farm love to play with the mud and be active so it takes time to grow up. ZETTON grows slowly for 8 to 10 months, usually around 6 months, so it seems to improve the taste.

“The grazing pigs grow by feeding Hokkaido organic vegetables as food and eating naturally grown nuts that have a greasy taste. In particular, fined cutlets should be used. It has a characteristic that is not. the fin was dry and edible, and the taste of the pig slowly spread.

3: Kii Kuniya Bunzaemon Kamo (Chicken Farm Ota, Arita-gun, Wakayama Prefecture)

We associate with Ota Chicken Farm, which is dedicated to low-density production of 10 or less per tsubo per litter of 100% Kishu wood. Its own brand “Kii Kuniya Bunzaemon Kamo” was bred for GOOD MEAT, raised in a stress-free environment, and is characterized by the quality of the meat with its fresh, lard layer.

“The shop only serves duck dish on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The part used in the duck pot is the peach and tenderloin. First, you put the peaches out of the pot and eat, then gently suck the tenderloin and Arita mikan from Wakayama, like duck, is floating in soup and taken out when eaten. The citrus sour and sweet taste highlights the broth, which goes well with duck.

4: Grass-fed cows (Mitsuba farm, New Zealand)

Grass-fed beef, which is a premium New Zealand meat, is also selected for grazing and growing grass. Cows that grow on grass are said to have a distinctive herbaceous smell, but Mitsuba Farm’s grass-fed beef has a mild aroma. It has a soft texture and a strong flavor.

“If you eat grass-fed beef, it’s overwhelming. Though it’s expensive, we import it directly from the producer, so it’s only 1/5 of the price you eat at restaurants, etc., is cheap.” I want you to enjoy high quality meat at home. If you roast the surface quickly and eat it in rare condition, you will be able to indulge in the charm of lean meat. “

5: Erimo short angle beef (Cape Hokkaido Nagisa, Takahashi Farm)

The short angle cow is believed to have originated from a southern breed originally raised in Iwate. Because it is a good cold tolerant and suitable for grazing, kelp fishermen in Cape Koryo, Hokkaido have started breeding when they are not out fishing, and breeding has become popular.

“Due to the high wind and topography, the grass is salty due to the sea wind blowing in from the sea. It seems that cows are like humans, influenced a lot from what they eat, cereal foods have more fat than grass so sashi is easy to get in, but it’s grass cows. Eri also has very lean meat. I want you to enjoy the real taste of lean meat using ribulose as a steak. “

“The more time and effort it takes to bring delicious meat to consumers, the higher the cost. With a traditional form of distribution, it is difficult to make a profit commensurate with the effort and effort to see consumers’ faces. As I traveled across farms across the country, I saw a producer struggling.

We set up our own pig farm in Obihiro city, Hokkaido because we want to support the people who work on the farm by taking responsibility for everything from production to sales to solving problems. that the livestock industry is facing. “..

If the consumer does not know what meat really is delicious, they may have less of a chance of knowing what meat really is delicious. GOOD MEAT efforts can be an opportunity to revive the industry by increasing opportunities to learn about meat.

It is said that the second store will open in a good location, directly connected to JR Namba Station (Osaka Prefecture) in 2018. The opportunity to eat delicious meat is likely to increase even further.

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Image provided by GOOD MEAT Company Limited