A dialogue between director Endo and a high school student in the documentary “Holded in the Mountains” (released April 27), follows a large dairy family for 24 years.

Conversation between director Endo and a high school boy “cuddled” by the mountain

At first, I didn’t expect to follow it for 24 years (laughs), but I covered agricultural issues in TV Iwate’s news department and practiced “Yamamachi dairy farming”. It all started when I wanted to finance mountain dairy farming with the father of the Yoshizuka family. In the local area, the percentage of viewers increased with each broadcast, and this angle became popular.

It’s been 24 years (laughs). Every month I go to film for one night and two days, stay at home to eat together. All shoots last for 1000 hours. Yoshizuka’s father was from Chiba Prefecture, but when he was a student at Tokyo Agricultural University, he met Dr. Gracehara and met raising dairy cows in the mountains.

Raising dairy cows in mountainous areas is said to be “one thousand years only”, once established, this is an ideal dairy farm, where it can raise cows for 1000 years, but the only weakness is not making money. .

The father thought, “I don’t think that’s a problem,” but when I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t stand it, I started my own dairy brand with my dad and myself. I decided to do it. It was really hard, but I was also reporting, so I played it on the TV news and got a lot of approval. That dad was a stubborn dad, but when he started working, he was very hardworking and bowed his head. Even when this white and black packaging design was completed, I was touched and cried because it was “Holstein himself” (laughs).

Looking at it closest, I get a lot of energy from this family’s hard work that makes me think, “You shouldn’t be crushed by something like this” when I’m in a tough spot.

Right. In the movie, there are scenes where a father and son who is special about dairy farming in the mountains are fighting due to differences in thinking about dairy farming, but some of them me and dad have fight and my son got in there. Have.

This time, I received the Cultural Agency’s Art Festival Award for the TV version just before it was made into a movie, and as a result of the award, he said, “Someday, in front of Figure, I will see myself as a member of the family. ” I am so happy about that.

Curiously, children start looking for jobs they can do from an early age. I was surprised by this, even though no one taught me.

Today, grass-only cows called “herbivores” are valuable, but a famous chef who won the “Tetsujin of Cooking” award fell in love with Mr. Yoshizuka’s cow and settled in Tanohata Village. Yes. This year, his fifth son will leave high school and begin training for Mr. Kok here. The fourth son has returned after training in cheese making at a farm in Hokkaido and is currently making cheese with milk Tanohata.

“Thank you grandpa and grandma. Thank you dad and mom. Thank you Miyako-chan, Kotaro-kun, Kyoji-kun, Reiko-chan, Junpei-kun, Yushi-kun, Sota-kun, and Ushi-san. Thank you.” friends, enjoy. ” Now I have 11 more children, eating rice is not easy (laughs)

I really forgot that. “Thank you cow” is finally missing (laughs)

Movie information

“Held in the mountains”
Directed by: Takashi Endo
Narrator: Shigeru Muroi
Actors: Family members Yoshizuka (Kimio Yoshizuka, Toshiko Yoshizuka, Miyako Asano, Kotaro Yoshizuka, Kyoji Yoshizuka, Reiko Yamazaki, Junpei Yoshizuka, Yuji Yoshizuka, Sota Yoshizuka, Kazuo Yoshizuka, Yoshizuka Yoshizuka), etc.

Nationally released from April 27 (Sat)

A long documentary film produced by TV Iwate, a local television station in Iwate Prefecture, as a project to celebrate the station’s 50th anniversary. Completed by adding and rewriting the popular TV series that have been airing on news programs in Iwate Prefecture since 1994. For 24 years the Yoshihara family practiced mountain dairy farming. , the development and relationship of the family facing dairy farming is reflected.

© TV Iwate

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