Become a meat doctor! Acquire specialized knowledge of beef, pork, chicken and processed products “Meat Inspection”

What is meat testing?

Meat is one of the familiar ingredients, but what is the distribution system until it reaches the production site or the dining table?

In “Meat Test”, you will learn comprehensively about beef, pork, chicken, processed meat products such as ham and sausage, organ meats from history to production and distribution. diseases, methods of preserving meat and nutrition as well as precise knowledge. You can wear it. The official name is “meat certification system”, and the national meat certification committee sponsors the certification system.

There are two levels for the meat test, “Doctor of Meat Level 1” and “Doctor of Meat Level 2”.

Meat doctor level 1

It is ideal for those who are more specialized and want to have a deeper understanding of meat, such as meat production technology, meat quality, nutrition management, part names and characteristics, etc., compared with meat doctors. secondary.

Meat doctor level 2

This is an introductory publication to spread knowledge about meat such as meat manufacturing process, meat labeling, nutrition and cooking.

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Meat inspection

Eligible to participate in the exam

There is no specific qualification for taking the exam. Anyone interested in meat can compete. You can register both Level 1 and Level 2 Meat Doctor, and you can also take Level 1 Meat Doctor exam for the first time.

Exam date / location

Certification testing is done once a year. The exam date for 2017 is Sunday, November 12. The locations will be 6 cities nationwide in Tokyo, Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka (in case of 2017).

Test question / pass

The exam consists of the following five topics (1) to (5) for both Level 1 and Level 2 Meat Physician. There are 100 questions in total and you can choose from 2 to 5. The exam time is 60 minutes.

(1) Livestock production, meat production and meat history

(2) Distribution / retail / consumption of meat

(3) Processed meat products

(4) Hygiene and meat quality

(5) Nutrition and meat processing

The passing criterion is 80 points or more out of 100 for both the Meat Doctor’s 1st and 2nd grade.

How to submit

Submit your application via the meat test website, fax or mail.

Exam fees

First-class meat doctor is 6,480 yen, second-class doctor of meat is 4,320 yen, profile for both first and second class is 10,800 yen.

Reference book / exam preparation

The official meat test website introduces the recommended meat test and book documents. It can be purchased even by people who are not tested for meat.

If you take part in the “Level 1 Meat Test Workshop” held about a month before the test, you will be prepared for the Level 1 test. The first lesson is 5 hours long and the tuition is 5,400 yen.

If you pass the meat test

After passing the meat test, you can use the logo mark following the meat inspection logo mark instructions. Since you can put logo labels on business cards and personal home pages, you can claim that you have meat knowledge.

If you are interested in meat or want to get accurate food expertise, why not consider taking meat tests?