Cartoon dairy cow “Full back day” Episode 3 Livestock training

Take the job seriously

The livestock training was only for one year, but it taught me the skills and knowledge needed to raise livestock from scratch.
Lots of hard training … Thanks to that, I not only learned about cows, but my body was well trained and my body changed (a little) !!
The content of the training was too much to draw, but thanks to that, even though I was a complete amateur, I was able to take care of the cows as it was.
However, the “livestock training” that I take part in is not currently running.
It seems the student is not concentrating, which is very disappointing.
(In the past, there were too many people who applied for the course, and they sometimes refused, but it seems the number of participants has decreased year by year as the number of farmers has decreased.)

Notice from cows
If you are interested in dairy farming or would like to know about training to acquire integrated dairy skills, please contact the National Federation of Dairy Cooperatives (Zendairen).
* We can not always guide you in training in the field you want.

Continuing with livestock training … Next time I will introduce the topics that have left an impression on me during my training!