Commitment to delicious meat quality in order to maximize the meaning of birth of the sheep herd. I want to leave a proof of my efforts to raise sheep.

Fujisan Farm Initiative

We operate guest rooms and a tourist farm at the foot of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture, and raise sheep on the farm. The total area of ​​the hostel and farm is 4 hectares. You can play with the cows at the farm, horseback riding, chopping lamb, experience making crafts with wool, in addition you can also eat lamb at the barbecue and cafes.

About 100 sheep were bred, including Southdown with white faces and Suffolk with black faces. There are 5 cows and 1 horse.

Basically, there are no days off, but since there are more than 10 people working, we take turns taking leave. The process of the day is to get up at 7 a.m. to do clerical work, 9 a.m. to meet with staff, take care of the animals and show how to care for them. In the afternoon, I drive the sheep back to the farm, not tending to them and making time for meetings.

Since February to April is the time of delivery, the time to take care of it is epidemic. They are usually born from midnight to dawn, and during that time they often visit the barn.

Making a dish to maximize the meaning of birth

It is important in sheep production to pursue good meat quality. Good meat quality is the two things we pay special attention to to produce good meat quality that the consumer can say is delicious.

One is for good quality lean meat. The key is the health of the sheep and the red color. To that end, we mix the grapes extracted from the winemaking process with food and feed it polyphenols. Since we are eating the waste squeezed from alcohol we are developing it under the brand name “Wine Lamb”.

The second is to reduce the smell as much as possible. There are different factors in smell. When sheep eat green grass, the meat smells green, so we feed them hay. In addition, to prevent the smell of ammonia, lactic acid bacteria were added to improve the intestinal environment, and charcoal was added to the food. Charcoal is two monoculture birds because it not only absorbs odors but also pathogenic bacteria and expels them from the body.

We are special about food and grow it to be good quality meat.

Pursuing good meat quality is my mission. I feel happier eating meat from Fujisan Farm. By meat-making, I think the significance of the sheep being born here can be maximized.

I feel able to raise sheep

Before starting to farm, I worked as a consultant in Tokyo. I came to Yamanashi prefecture temporarily with the help of my relatives’ business, but I moved to Yamanashi Prefecture because I like the natural environment and the land.

The land I bought had a rotting motel and a large meadow. Since that was a big deal, I decided to recreate the inn as a lodging facility and also run a farm.

Since I have no experience in farm management, I spoke to the prefectural office for the first time and received training on other farms. I wanted to create an experience facility and a restaurant run by an agricultural and food education group in Mie province, which I heard during the training.

It was also during this time that I decided to shepherd. There are different breeding options like cows, pigs, birds and sheep to start raising cattle, but sheep have the greatest potential for business growth.

Cows, pigs and birds are in high demand, but there are many producers and it’s an established world. However, lamb still has room to grow. Of the lamb on the market, less than 1% is produced domestically. However, in the world, lamb is the most consumed meat. If you make local brand lamb, you can go out into the world.

I still lack experience, but if I do it all my life, I can be successful. When I was a consultant, even in an inexperienced business, I studied desperately for a short period of time and got results if required. If you work in a similar way, you can become a professional in sheep farming. With that in mind, I began to shepherd.

When you take me to the warehouse

The difficulty in raising sheep is that you have to pay close attention to your health. I always check my health, and if I don’t feel well, I go to the hut many times to take care of it.

Every day I worry, until I die from illness, I regret that I could have saved myself. On the contrary, it is a great joy to save a lamb which is naturally weak. You can feel that there are no mistakes in cumulative technology.

Before I got involved in raising livestock, I imagined that I would feel sad killing the animals I raise, but that was not the case. When you bring them back to the barn, you will feel grateful and reassured.

I think a sense of security comes from a sense of liberation that helps the sheep fulfill their duties. Sheep were born to make delicious meat and delivered to consumers. Improving the quality of meat is the foremost mission to fulfill that mission and maximize the meaning of birth.

Exciting the livestock industry

Livestock is a shrinking industry in the country. It’s lonely when the industry I belong to shrinks. Hope that their efforts will be recognized by everyone, many people imitate and the livestock industry is excited.

To achieve that goal, we aim to become the best company in Japan in the areas of quality development, scale and inheritance. We plan to increase our sheep population fivefold to 500 in four years, while continuing to find ways to improve quality. Regarding the training of livestock workers, we also accept people wishing to learn animal husbandry. Those who just want to hear the story are also welcome. I intend to achieve all three of these and become the best shepherd in Japan.

If you are interested in livestock or farming, you should start with what you can do. If you can’t try it, stop it. There is less regret if you try and fail than if you think too much and you cannot start, and if you really try and fail, you won’t regret it.