Cows, goats and horses from Fujita Farm in Hokkaido

In ‘Farmers’, the authors of the My Navi Agricultural will introduce the cute animals they have come across on the farm they interviewed. This time, we will introduce the animals of “Fujita Ranch Rural Farmer”, about 50 minutes drive from Obihiro city, Hokkaido.

Play at Hata Farm in Hokkaido[Động vật nông dân vol.1]

Green farm style tourism practice

The “Fujita Ranch rural farmer” in Hokkaido is implementing farm-style green tourism by actively interacting with consumers. You can enjoy the farm tour, the dairy milking experience and the butter making experience. There is a house on the farm, so you can stay overnight. You can feel like you are living on a farm. In addition, we open farms and farms as educational venues and provide educational support that conveys the importance of food and animal life in cooperation with local schools.

During the tour of the farm, you can hear an introduction to the ecosystem of the cattle, the methods of breeding and the milk production process.

In April 2017, two twin cows were born. It is a healthy child of both men and women. Mom’s Windy has the biggest eyes on the farm.

Goats are also bred. Compared to cows, I find my body much smaller.

It’s a calf barn. At the farm, you can also experience milking and making butter with fresh milk.

Cats also live together on the farm. I used to have some other cats, but now I have a black cat.

The round eyes are very cute. The body temperature ranges from 38.5 to 39.0 degrees and feels very warm to the touch.

The lush farm is open from April to November every year. During winter, you will be surrounded by a silver world.

Address: 28-26-5 Urakusai, Kaoi-cho, Kato-gun, Hokkaido
Phone: 0156-67-2316

Play at Hata Farm in Hokkaido[Động vật nông dân vol.1]