Enjoy raising cattle and making people and cows happy. Isonuma Milk Farm’s vision and challenge

Australian livestock culture shock

A ranch is a 10-minute walk from the station

Masanori Isonuma is the second generation of this farm. It was in the 1950s, not long after the war, that my predecessor, my father, opened Isonuma Farm in Hachioji, Tokyo. Initially, it was a combination management between vegetable growing and dairy farming.
Since it was opened before 1968 when the new city planning law was enacted, the site that includes a grazing cow farm now has a rich natural environment that cannot be thought of as just a station. 10 minutes on foot in Tokyo. Well maintained.

What I feel in Australia

Mr. Isonuma, who took over the farm, arrived in Australia at the age of 26. I stay at a dairy farmer’s house. What has the impact is that raising livestock is not just a job / labor, but a hobby / hobby that enriches life, and livestock like cows become a “culture of livestock”. considered as a friend. That is it.

Australia’s livestock culture is similar to Japan’s rice culture

“A society with cows means the provision of milk is the common property of the people. The cow farm is a place of production, a place to feel the breath of life and experience the joy of life. Farms in Australia, where the culture of animal husbandry has taken root, can be compared with the rice fields in Japan, where rice culture has taken root. “
When I thought that, Mr. Isonuma’s heart came to me with the image of the farm that I should go to.

Circle activities to spread livestock culture

Cows relax in a spacious space

Share the cows at a shirt breeding party

After returning to Japan, he started taking his own managerial career seriously and founded an organization called “Jersey Raising Association”. Each member has invested to become a co-owner of a cow coat originating from the UK, characterized by full-fat and creamy milk, self-sufficient family milk with low temperature pasteurized fresh milk and products. from milk like cheese. I did it with my friends so I could enjoy it.

Relive the history of using human milk

In addition, many people have started the “10,000 Years Milk Association” with the aim of re-experiencing the human history of using livestock milk in various forms while making dairy products. Joined.
Isonuma Milk Farm gradually gained popularity as it continued its club activities that aroused people’s sympathy and stimulated the spirit of discovery.

In a famous farm, where many people gather

Furthermore, many different people through the development of “Miruku no Kogane Ritsu”, which is a blend of four types of cow’s milk from Holstein, Jersey, Brown Switzerland and Airshire, develop dairy products made from it and organizing outdoor experience events. Set up a community farm where everyone can gather. It will develop into an open farm that you can visit at any time, something rare in Japan.

Head to a farm where people and cows can be happy together

Mr. Isonuma spoke in front of the lava stone kiln on the farm

Cowboy Cowgirl School

Mr. Isonuma is also focusing on practical learning and spiritual care as an activity to spread livestock culture.
Cowboy Cowgirl School is a year-long course that relives the difficulty, joy and excitement of coping with cows and the wisdom in livestock farming that humans have raised.
The farm is the spiritual home of the kids born and raised in the city, a common space where you can feel the life of animals and open the door to elementary school students to teenagers. as an area of ​​food education, farm experience and lifelong education. I’m.
Participating students will start by becoming the godfather of cows and will experience and learn the quintessence of dairy farming and raising at AtoZ.

Also acts as a care farm

In addition, for those in need of mental care and healing, we started a program as a care farm by leveraging contact with animals such as cows, sheep and rabbits. I am aunt.

Pet welfare (animal welfare)

Modern agriculture puts production efficiency first, and “industrial agriculture” mass production and mass supply is the main trend. Therefore, in the dairy industry, the “disregard for life” and “disregard for life” where livestock are confined in a narrow space for efficiency and being treated like machines is to protect animals. . It has been indicated by groups. The idea of ​​animal welfare and animal welfare was born from there.
At Isonuma Milk Farm, we faced this problem, and since we were calves we have practiced farming methods that value independence and build trusting relationships with our offspring. people.
To realize an open ranch, only cows can relieve stress and relax when meeting strangers. Hence, based on the interests of pets, it is important to ensure a space where people can live comfortably and not unnecessarily restrict them by ropes.

Unique challenge with a farm in the big city of Tokyo

An activity aimed at realizing the ideals drawn from a young age with passion and execution ability, and at the same time spreading the culture of breeding history. It’s a fruitful endeavor since it’s Isonuma Dairy Farm in Tokyo, a big city where many can easily visit.
The bold challenge will continue through a series of events and hands-on classes for those who are not bound by fixed values ​​and find free ways to enjoy themselves.