Farm experience in Tokyo Isonuma Milk Farm full of fun, learning and healing

Livestock policy to promote the independence of cattle

We also hold “Chichi Shibori Experience Class” every Sunday. * Please contact us for more details.

1 to 2 days after giving birth to the delivery room.

The veal attracts the eyes and thrills those who come to play at home. Farming staff’s instructions start in the calf room.
Calves a day or two enter this calf room and grow rapidly with plenty of milk in the morning and evening. The initial weight from 30-40 kg will increase to over 50 kg after a month.
The mother’s milk is called “first milk” in the first week, it creates a rich source of nutrition for the calf. After this time, you should be able to breastfeed the other cow.

Build a relationship of trust

When feeding the calf it is important to name, name (all cows have names) and to skid. That way, I feel happy with the cow and build trustworthy relationships with people.
If you have a trusted relationship, you will have peace of mind with wound treatment and vaccinations, and you will be able to comfortably visit many people.

Respect the independence of the cow

When I got a little older, I moved to the middle room and started to practice weaning for baby before I learned to eat adult foods.
The kids are not connected by ropes. Walk freely from a young age and create your own lifestyle. It was the policy of Isonuma Milk Farm to reduce the stress on the cows as much as possible and respect their independence, which led to the creation of such an experience-based farm.

Farm without overprotection

Even after growing up, breeding methods that respect independence remained unchanged. The attraction of Isonuma Milk Farm is that it has a large farm while being a city farm. Cows (young cows over 3 months old) go free, healthy when eating grass here.
There is a covered settlement, but it’s basically hot and cold, rain and wind. Cows live while thinking about how to spend time comfortably on their own terms, depending on the environment, without feeling stressed.

Unique craftsmanship for feeding and handling feces

Cultivate independence with the free diet

“Respect for independence” is also shown in the diet. You are free to eat as much food as you want and cows are in control of their digestive health.
For drinking water, natural water pumped from 50 meters below the farm is filtered by a filter of Okinawa fossil coral particles to make the water rich in marine minerals.

Effective use of coffee pods and cocoa pods on the bed

Cows woke up in a special bed when they were little. The ingredients for this are coffee pods and cocoa pods. The surrounding area is filled with food factories, and byproducts from local coffee and chocolate factories are sprinkled to remove moisture so you can spend your time in one lip. sanitary case.
The amount of coffee shells and cocoa pods used in the barn, where about 90 cows live, up to 1 ton per day, have the effect of deodorizing and deodorizing characteristic of the barn.

Producing special compost from cow manure

Ripe cow manure coffee composting direct sales office

When this coffee / cocoa shell is mixed with cow manure / urine and fermented, a fermentation temperature of 60 ° C is created and it becomes a “ripe coffee cow manure compost” within 3 to 4 months. .
It is also heat-sterilized by fermentation, and this particular compost is prized as an excellent fertilizer for agricultural products, and used on school and farm farms. practice camps and local vegetable fields. In this way, a recycling ecosystem is gradually created between factories, ranches, and farmers in the surrounding area.

Productivity, confidence in milk and a spirit of challenge

Cows provide 10 to 20 times more milk than cows drink

The cow converts about 1/400 of the whole body blood into milk. This is 10 to 20 times the amount of milk a calf needs. Raw materials for milk and dairy products for people are in surplus.
There is a direct sales office for dairy products made from raw fresh cow’s milk, including ice cream, and also any cheese and yogurt making classes at any time.

Original blend “Miruku no Kogane Ritsu”

The dairy products sold here are made from a unique blend of “Miruku no Kogane Ritsu” milk. The best balance of raw milk comes from the four dairy cows Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss and Airshire, and pasteurized at low temperature. It has become a very popular product in the region. We also have a store and an online store.

Challenge with rainbow milk

In addition to the above four species, Gandhi and Milking Short Horn were bred. Isonuma Milk Farm said they will challenge “Rainbow Milk”, a blend of all types of milk, with seven types of Montbelialdo. Productivity, confidence in dairy farming and a spirit of challenge have become major drivers of the revitalization of urban agriculture.

Basic knowledge about dairy cows and cows that you can play and learn

Farm guides, milking experiences, various culinary events, outdoor life events, … will thoroughly convey the basics of dairy and dairy farming that you have. may or may not know.
With the goal of a circulating sustainable city farm, an open farm where everyone can participate freely and, above all, a farm based on interesting experiences, activities of it is widely known both inside and outside Tokyo.