From crossbreeding Tajima beef to meat, three reasons why Tanaka is so impressive

Reason 1: Narrow door for animal husbandry, becoming a “cowherd” for newcomers

The cow from Tanaka Livestock is a type of “Tajima beef” called “Japanese Kuroge”.

Starting livestock management from 5 cows

In 2002, Kazuma opened a new farm at the age of 24. Since my parents were policemen, it was a family that had nothing to do with agriculture. I loved animals when I was a kid and entered Hokkaido Dairy Farming College. During my time in school, I was fascinated by cows and wanted to become a farmer. After graduating from college, I started “Tanaka Livestock” after training at a livestock farm in Hyogo Prefecture.

When he started farming, Kazuma chose Mikatagun, Hyogo Prefecture, where the “Tajimaushi” came from. Needless to say, the premium meat “Kobe Beef” is made from “Tajimaushi”. When “Tajimaushi” born in Hyogo Prefecture is used for meat, it becomes “Tajimagyu”, and among “Tajimagyu”, the type of meat that meets the specific criteria is “Tajimagyu”. It becomes “Kobe beef”.

Initially, Kazuma borrowed 2 million yen to buy 5 pregnant cows and started managing livestock production. It seems that he increased the amount of the loan while accumulating the merits from there. New farming is considered a narrow gate due to the high initial investment amount. Even though it is said that farming, not an heir or an employee of the company, but a “novice” like Mr. Kazuma, who started from scratch, has encountered a huge obstacle.

Was supported by ties and luck

So how does Kazuma run the business? “I do this because I’m fortunate to have a” relationship “,” he said.

“When I was thinking about going to a convenience store to work part-time because I was having a hard time with money, I met the master of” Sakutei “. Cutting houses is grinding ox nails and shaping them.” “Therefore, it is the helicopter-cutting teacher who makes the job. Even if I work part-time, I just collapsed, ”he said and began the job of cutting the helicopter as a disciple of his dear master. Even when calf prices drop, we still have a stable source of income, so we can manage livestock in the right direction. “

Nail cutting is skillful, Kazuma, the nail sharpener

Balancing nail clippers and cows

It seems that there are many areas where the manicure is done not only in the vicinity but also in places as far away as Shikoku. In the morning I went to have my nails trimmed, in the afternoon I went back to the barn to raise about 50 children and kept one. There are no employees and the business is run solely by the couple, and they are extremely busy year round. There is no interruption in the work of keeping the organisms.

Saki, the eldest daughter in grade 4, also helps with the cows

What is the appeal of cows to Kazuma-san, who says he likes cows? I immediately replied: “I don’t know.” “Beefing into meat takes nearly three years, much longer than pigs and chickens. The digestive mechanism is complicated, I look at cows every day, find out which ones do not understand. I think that’s fun. “I was touched by the feeling I had survived the harshness of new entrants and the arrival of Kazuma, who continued to face the bulls.

Reason 2: Deliver the grazing beef directly to the customer

The grazing period is from spring when the grass grows to around December when it snows. Meat sales are limited to winter

Meat is made from grazing, not imported food

Kazuma started selling meat and meat in 2008 while cutting nails and raising cows. The cows are fully farrowed and the cows cannot be transported to the calf market that is grazing in the mountains and ski areas in the area. Cows are processed at the “ranch”, about 10 minutes from your home, and the cows are brought to your home, where your wife, Atsumi, makes her own meat.

Atsumi who is in charge of meat. He learned to cut at a local butcher.I am hone my skills through trial and error.

The meat produced by Tanaka Livestock is a soft, lean beef only for grass-fed cows. There is a deep taste where only cows run around the mountains, grazing until right before breeding.

Selling directly on the home page

The sales method is just our own website. Whole beef is so famous that it is almost sold out in 4 hours, and many eaters look forward to it every year. All communication activities with customers were also done by two couples and a handwritten file and a handwritten message was sent in the meat. “Ushiushi Tsushin,” is said to have started from a manuscript about 10 years ago, is a booklet full of Kazuma’s thoughts. “The Story of Cow Into Meat” is carefully written.

“Ushiushi Tsushin” handcrafted by Kazuma-san

Have you ever thought about the background image of the beef steak when eaten? “Meat” is delivered from Tanaka Livestock. However, the box is packed with “good things” delivered with “meat”. There are people in the whole country waiting for the meat of the Tanaka grandparents to receive it all.

Reason 3: Continue posting on SNS and blog

“Continue” to improve communication power

In addition to “Ushiushi Tsushin”, Kazuma will continue to post the cowherder’s status and his family’s daily life on the SNS and blog. There are over 7,000 followers on Twitter! “Information is flowing really fast, so it needs to continue,” he said, posting 10 times a day on Twitter and once a day on Facebook and Instagram. Lately, I’ve been actively using new tools like Tik Tok and audio notes. The videos posted on YouTube are also very interesting and can’t be viewed anywhere else.

Kazuma-san’s pictures are all great! It seems that Twitter often takes self-portraits

“Followed from yourself”

When asked how to increase followers, he said: “Some people first follow each other and get to know each other. It’s not about work, it’s about manga and hobbies.” “Sometimes it gets a lot of buzz (the information goes viral on the internet and becomes a hot topic), but I didn’t target it. Nobody bought meat after seeing a headline.” Give me. We value mutual exchange not overnight … When you think about it, you realize that it is not only like the Internet but also the public.

I have posted a blog about stories that I want to convey more deeply that are not relevant to SNS. It seems that a rancher, reading the blog, requested a hoe cut.

Livestock is a profession that “assigns” life

It’s troublesome to keep sending while you’re busy and of course there will be criticism … The results will not come out immediately. But as you go on, your empathy will deepen and the story will become more valuable.

The dining table surrounded by the meat of the Tanaka Livestock is a special time. The story of a live cow, the thoughts of the Tanaka family continue to accompany the cow, the moment it becomes meat and is brought to the mouth and connected with everyone. Surrounded by the deliciousness of your heart, a happy dining table will be born.

Photo provided by Tanaka Livestock