Go to hear the effect of introducing “U-motion ®” to help transform the breeding and dairy farming sites and improve production efficiency

“U-motion®”, developed in cooperation with Dezamis Co., Ltd. and NTT Technocross Co., Ltd., which are drawing attention from dairy and dairy sites by analyzing cattle behavior using sensor information.

By measuring the primary behavior of cows with tag type sensors and analyzing detailed behavioral data of each cow and the big data accumulated by machine learning and a single algorithm, the state of the cow that produces We provide a service that informs you about certain illnesses (illnesses), signs of heat and difficulty standing up. This time, we visited two farms that are using “U-motion®” and talked about the context of the introduction and changes in the work after the introduction.

To visualize foraging and saving lives that were eliminated by disease, vv- Eto Ranch Co., Ltd. (Dairy farm, Oita prefecture)

The first place I visited was Eto Farm Co., Ltd., which operates a dairy farm in Oita province. This is a medium-sized farm, raising about 300 dairy cows, including first-time pregnant cows.

In terms of the number of cattle raised, the number of cattle managers and milkers three times a day is about 6 full-time employees including the chairman and about 10 employees who are part-time in milking and care. calves. That is not an abundant amount.

In the face of that situation, Eto Farm has been actively testing solution services using digital technology to check the condition of each animal in detail. “I think there are farms that refuse to introduce the latest technology, but at our farm we are not too special about existing methods and we are slowly adopting systems and translations. New service if there are good practices. ” Chuganji’s chairman said.

When I learned of the existence of “U-motion®” which recorded the seven main actions of the cow (eating, drinking, rubbing, moving, standing, lying and standing still) using a sensor, I immediately introduced it.

I used a conventional step-by-step product to get a grasp of the amount of activity, but it is said that the point of recommendation is being able to grasp the eating state of each animal- “Eating is alive. However, if you know that cows are thin and weak in the early stages, you will most likely save the lives of animals eliminated by disease. Accuracy is also high, so if you check for signs of reduced intake from the data, you can contact the vet at the stage where you can’t actually see the cow, and you can check the progress. develop after treatment in the feeding state. Decisions have been accelerated. “

In addition, “U-motion®” makes it possible for you to more accurately capture the important heat signs in dairy farming – the effects of referral.

“The visual signs of oestrus like stuttering and standing are only instantaneous, even if you grasp the estrus cycle and observe closely, the detection depends on your luck. In addition, hundreds of cows are observed with the naked eye 24/24. Continued observation is impractical, so it is very effective to look only at the cows shown in the U-motion® heat alarm. “

As Chairman Chuganji said, “dairy farming has records”, information such as delivery, breeding, group movement and treatment history are recorded into work history at any time. With the introduction of “U-motion®”, recording jobs can now be done on smartphones and personal computers, and reviewing records is easier than recording manually. in notebooks and ledgers, therefore accumulated data will be accumulated in the future. He said he wanted to use it.

At the farm of president Chuganji, who was impressed by the fact that he said: “Since cowherd is the work of a living being, there is so much work to be done …” down to about one-third and we will continue to strongly support farm management using “U-motion®” in the future.

“U-motion®” cut down on jobs increased by managing more than 1,000 cows and industrialization Friday-Fujiwara Farm Co. Ltd. (Miyazaki prefecture, fattening)

Next, I visited a fattening farmer in Miyazaki prefecture, Fujiwara Farm Co. Ltd., the company that feeds the special food and called it “Miyazaki Herb Beef”. Here, two farms are fattening about 1,100 beef cows, 900 of which are equipped with “U-motion®” tag-type sensors.

“I want locals to enjoy the well-maintained Meyazaki Herbal Beef.” We opened a butcher shop and restaurant “Makiba Yamaue” where we went, and we also run it.

“In Miyazaki Prefecture, a contagious animal disease, foot-and-mouth disease, became epidemic in 2010, and our farm became a slaughterhouse, and all 1,500 cows were slaughtered. Meat. Due to that bitter experience, the cows fatten In order to maximize the savings of my life, the more motivated I am to serve the meat in the best possible condition. ”- Sales Executive Fujiwara Tell us what we think about farming and opening stores.

“U-motion®” was studied at “Miyazaki Next Generation Agriculture Heads School” organized by Miyazaki Prefecture, and with a limited number of employees, can manage more than 1000 cows per safe and effective way. Feeling that such a mechanism is needed and saying it was introduced in the fall of 2017.

“It’s great that information about individual animals, such as feeding status and rehearsal time, can be verified not only visually from the staff but also from the data. Will notify you by alert. 24 hours a day, so if anything happens, you can respond quickly. Since it was calculated to manage about 200 cows per employee, we introduced “U-motion®. “By doing this, we can reduce the pressure on our employees, and since we can easily do office tasks like managing records on smartphones, we can reduce the volume. work, “said Mr. Fujiwara, chief executive. I will.

In addition, the treatment history is recorded as data in “U-motion®” and the data obtained by the sensor is shared with the veterinarian. In addition to being difficult to get up, the illness hastens diseases that can be life-threatening in animals, such as colds, urinary stones and angina, which cause bloating from overeating. It is said that it was discovered in the future, and more early and accurate disease warnings are expected by accumulating “U-motion ®” data from livestock farms nationwide in the country. future. To tell.

Mr. Fujiwara said that the greatest merit is that by introducing “U-motion®” and gathering various information there, being able to make quick and accurate decisions about breeding, treatment and operation. moved on. Currently, it is only being fattened, but it is said that it will also reproduce in the future, and expectations for “U-motion®” are likely to increase.

This time, we talked directly with people in the field about the effect of introducing “U-motion®”.

What each interviewee had in common was the sense of crisis that “the management of livestock production and dairy farming would not be possible if we only apply conventional methods” and “we actively press for take the technology and put it on your farm It is a flexible idea to find the right “best solution” in that sense, the data obtained from “U-motion®” has one The meaning is important, but the key is “data usage”.

It is expected that in the future there will be further development of “U-motion®” to support breeding and dairy farms.

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