How to make the product from my mindset, learn from the story behind the birth of “Full Moon GHEE”

Guy, an important food in traditional Indian medicine

I agree. I originally lived in Vancouver, and when I went back to Japan, I wasn’t interested, so I felt like “Oh right.”

I got sick after giving birth. I feel that I’ve lost more fitness than ever, so I thought about reconsidering my diet while trying different things. I ate various ways like vegetarian and macrobi, but I focused on Ayurveda, a traditional medicine circulated in India, and started to eat gee, which is important there, again.

Right. Hence, the avocados were then boiled and filled. However, it was very difficult to make, and even when I tried different commercial products, the texture and flavor were somewhat different. When I told my husband (Nakahara-brother) that I didn’t have what I wanted, I said, “I should make it.”

Because it seems difficult. You have to keep the heat for about 40 minutes to make gee. Besides, I was born at the time, and I thought it would be great to be able to set happy goals beyond parenting.

I thought, “I have been told.” (Mr. Nakahara) is also a creative director, so I asked him, “Would you like to say that?”

I was happy!

Oh, that’s right (laughs)

Until you ask the dairy farmer

Right. As I both breastfeed and breastfeed my baby, the lactating cow also becomes familiar to me. I think if the cows are unhappy, we won’t be really healthy.

I visited a dairy farmer instead of Suzuki raising a baby. At first I did a search on the Internet, but it didn’t go well, and I interviewed directly with a farmer who was introduced to the Okayama prefectural office where I was born. It was Hidenobu Yamamoto, who is currently working on “Full Moon GHEE” together. They sympathize with the story and the high added value, and decide to consider it positively. Finally, when I asked him “I want to try grazing”, he was very pleased.

Grazing started in September 2018 and I am very happy with that. At that time I also filmed a movie, the cows were surprised at first, but gradually they also walked as they wanted.

Like when an office worker becomes a freelancer.

I added the word “full moon” with the image of “girly”. I also have a picture of the full moon floating on happy cows grazing.

The members have many perspectives on the product

The good thing about us is that we see this project from the different perspectives of the dairy farmers Yamamoto-san, Suzuki-san and myself. Suzuki is a healthcare company, I am planning, designing and marketing, and Mr. Yamamoto is a dairy farmer.

Behind each of these three is knowledge and experience that no one else has. I think this product was able to do something like this when combined with it.

As for the actual production process, Suzuki and I are clearly separated from branding and marketing, and dairy farmer Mr. Yamamoto is clearly separated from production, and communication can be done. on that basis.
Suzuki: But in reality, I don’t think it’s very normal for people like us to meet. So to make something happen from now on, I think it’s important to create more and more collaborations like that.

I agree! I think so.

We also did a lot of research. Of course, that is the main premise for us to do as much research as we can. Everyday we also think that in order to cooperate with manufacturers, we must maintain a relationship of respect.

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