Interviewing a pig farmer! I tried using the pig weight estimation system “Digital Mekan ®”

Hitachi farm under the brand “Buna pig”

Please tell me the Hitachi Ranch size and destination

Hitachi Ranch is an SPF Certified Farm (No Specific Pathogen) located in Okukuji, Ibaraki Prefecture. It has been certified as a CM (fattening pig) farm for about 30 years, and is engaged in synthetic production of fattening pigs. We continuously raise 7,000 shrimp by fattening method, and the monthly shipment is about 1150 to 1200, about 60% of the total is transported to the Tokyo meat market, and the rest goes to local supermarkets, Retail stores, restaurants, etc. Become.

Speaking of Hitachi Farm, it’s “Koibuta”, right?

It’s been 15 years since we launched it as a pig brand shipped to the Tokyo market. While branded pigs are gathering from all over the country, thanks to you, “Koibuta” has been prized for its top edible meat quality. The meat quality of “Koibuta” is soft and bright in color. The whiteness of the fat is also very prominent, and I think it is trying to distinguish it from other carcass types.

What is the “Digital Mekan ®” supported pig job?

How many people do the job choose pigs?

On this farm, there are three people, a leader and two sub. Human cognitive accuracy is surprisingly high, but if you’re not constantly engaged in transportation work, that accuracy drops. It’s hard to choose if you’re half a year or a year away. Hence, the backup doesn’t work with just one person, so we have a system in which the person who is always involved in the transport is the second and third leader.

Kazuto Yabuki, Representative Director of Hitachi Ranch Co., Ltd.


In this regard, it is important for everyone to see

As an expert, you can almost accurately estimate your weight range when you are in good shape, without any measurements. However, as I mentioned earlier, the problem is that there are fluctuations such as accuracy that cannot be maintained unless you are in charge of continuous transport. Since the shipping weight of the pig also affects the rating (grade), managing the weight just before shipping is an important task in farm management. In that sense, I expect that “Digital Mekan ®”, not based on human eyes, will be a reassuring presence.

How about using “Digital Eye Kan ®”?

We have been doing things like picking up pigs coming out of the factory, weighing and adjusting transit times, but putting pigs on the scale can stress pigs and stop growing. Right. I think being able to grasp weight accurately to a certain extent with “Digital Mekan ®” is also effective in measuring transit times without ceaseless growth.

There is also an automatic grading system as a way to estimate the weight of a pig,

Sure, an automatic sorting system is one of the options, but it is not an efficient method as the farm chooses individual pigs according to destination of shipment. For example, with an automatic grading system that classifies by weight without taking into account the pig’s body shape, it is difficult to divide a transport destination based on body shape, growth rate, thickness. of back fat, etc. I think “Digital Mekan ®”, which allows you to select each child while considering each child, is more suitable for these needs.

The usability of “Digital Mekan ®” and expectations for the future

How is the current accuracy of “Digital Mekan ®” less than ± 5%?

Even now, I think it’s realistic enough. With an accuracy of 5%, for example, in the case of a 95 kg pig, the error is about ± 4 kg. Even if you use “Digital Mekan ®” to test two weeks before delivery, you can provide a full shipping forecast. However, the shipping only by estimating the weight of “Digital Mekan ®” is still uncertain, so we still use the weight scale to measure when shipping. If the accuracy is improved a little more, it should be able to use it more efficiently.

What about the size and active feeling of “Digital Mekan ®”?

This size and lightness is fine. Everyone uses it without any problems. My impression of using it was that the angle (active posture) was a bit difficult … However, when I used it, I soon got used to it. Then I need to import the pig bundles and peck it, so I’d be happy if I could estimate the weight just by pointing the sensor from the aisle.

Do you have any inquiries about the next development of “Digital Mekan ®”?

It is light and easy to hold, and there are no problems with ease of use. However, the state (posture) of the pig can be an issue, such as being unable to check the sleeping pig, and it takes some time to get used to shooting the pig, so I very grateful if this aspect can be improved. And that’s a further improvement in accuracy. I hope that if the accuracy is improved further, the best weight train system will be possible.


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