Manage Japanese beef farming by smartphone with dedicated application “moopad®” To carry out “profitable Japanese beef production”

Manage Japanese cattle breeding by smartphone with dedicated application

Respond to the challenge of Japanese beef farmer

Japanese beef is preferred at home and abroad. Its production is generally divided between beef cattle breeders (breeders) who raise mother and calf producers and fattening cattle breeders (fattening farmers) that purchase and raise their calves. Producers have a number of pre-calving procedures, such as oestrus monitoring, insemination, pregnancy assessment and delivery, but for producers with a reliable mandate to calving, These times are correct. It is not an exaggeration to say that grasping affects farm management.

Since cattle are living organisms, there are differences between individuals and their health status varies depending on their age, birth order or climate, and the natural environment at that time. If the number of heads is tens, hundreds or more, it will be difficult to manage the overall, but if you add documents such as delivery notices, certificates of fertilization, the workload is increasing.

Improve your business with a dedicated application “moopad®”

“Moopad®” is a cloud-style livestock management system that supports work efficiency and saves labor. Achieve effective management using big data. Even if you have hundreds of cows, you can look at information you want to know about the current condition of each mother and baby. Since there are no dedicated sensors or communications equipment, the initial cost is 0 yen. All you need to do is record the daily management of livestock, which is ideal for busy breeders and livestock companies.

Tsutomu Takakura, developer of Japan Computer Consult Co., Ltd. “We focus on ease of use so that even people who are unfamiliar with computers and smartphones can continue to use it,” he said. He. I have been told about the advantages of using “moopad®”, emphasizing simple functionality.

Mr. Takakura, a Japanese computer consultant. During the development of “moopad 🄬”, we visited the sites of Japanese beef farmers and conducted interviews with veterinarians and artificial fertilizers. In order for the farmer to be profitable, it is important to shorten the delivery period and increase pregnancy rates. “Moopad 🄬” solves these problems with artificial intelligence.

Manage schedules easier

Management of livestock calendars (estrus calendars, calendars, etc.) with whiteboards, etc. is sufficient to manage a small number of animals, but is limited to managing hundreds of animals. With “moopad®”, these schedules can be displayed on the calendar and you can easily check them from your smartphone or computer. You can also print a 21-day fertility calendar. Furthermore, when the time of heat or conception approaches, a notification message will be sent to all interested parties at any time, so you can avoid forgetting the birth or birth calendar due to the calendar. its busy process.

You can print from the green button at the bottom right of the screen.You can share the same calendar with people you want to see on paper.

Sharing information with everyone anytime, anywhere with “visualization”

By filling in “moopad®” with the status and information of the cows previously managed on paper, notebooks, whiteboards, etc., anyone can grasp at a glance. By sharing this information with families and staff, teamwork can be strengthened and the management and operation of the entire farm can go more smoothly. In addition, the accumulated information allows analysis from many different angles such as livestock production and sales results. For example, by analyzing medical history and treatment history, it will be possible to capture each trend that needs attention in the future.

The screen uses many illustrations and is designed to be intuitive, easy to understand. In the cow breeding status screen below, the cow moves to the right as the spawning stage progresses. By clicking on the icon of each cow, you can record and update the livestock management of each cow.

Since “moopad®” does not have a sensor function, it has the function to enter the first estrus after birth. Manage a 21-day cycle from this date.

Since it is a cloud type system, replication related data can be promptly shared between all involved organizations. For example, a man-made fertilizer confirms the date of the set heat and cooperates with the sowing job. The livestock medical center strengthens follow-up after sowing. The veterinarian can identify long-term male cows and recommend treatment and screening.

Easily create your application with automatic entry

Delivery notifications and fertility certificates are also automatically exported to an Excel worksheet from the private cow’s information managed in the cloud, so you can easily create as many cows as you want. prefer. All you have to do is print and attach the semen map and the straw, which will save you a lot of time compared to writing it by hand.

Supporting breeders in the concerned organizations

“Moopad®” also has a broad support function and related organizations can support farmers throughout the region by viewing information such as number of cattle raised, rate of heat detection and rate each farmer’s pregnancy.

The extensive monthly analysis function lists the monthly fertility indicators of a particular farmer to understand trends and issues in fertility management. With the farmer-specific analysis function, you can analyze individual farmer’s problems from a variety of perspectives by listing fertility indicators for each farmer. You can freely set the time interval and display items. The display format can also be selected from tables, line charts, and bar charts, depending on the application.

Contribute to revitalizing and enhancing the beef cattle industry in general

Taken at Tabata Farm in Oita Prefecture. “Moopad 🄬” can be confirmed on a tablet device that can be used anywhere during a meeting

The easy-to-read and easy-to-use design of “moopad®” can be used as a management consulting tool and as an ABL (motion-backed loan) management tool for financial institutions. .

In the province of Oita, where “moopad®” is increasingly popular, a new function has been added that allows you to calculate and ask about the “expected reproductive value” of calves to be born using data from Chapter Oita of the National Wagyu Registration Association. Additional features are updated automatically and at no cost. Furthermore, in order to meet the needs of farmers and corporations moving towards integrated livestock from livestock to fattening, we are developing a version for fattening farmers as well as farmers.

Takakura said that adopting a 1000 yen per delivery payment system instead of a monthly system aims to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship by contributing to improving livestock production rates. We will continue to keep an eye on “moopad®”, which is evolving so that people can realize “profitable Japanese beef production” in partnership with breeders, related organizations and local government.

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