Moxib Exhausted to Improve Cow Fertility? A Guide to Using Moxibcharge by the Tokyo Metropolitan Forestry Research Center

Reproductive technology does not rely on hormonal agents

In recent years, a variety of farming techniques and treatments using hormonal agents have been actively studied to prevent the decline in conception rates of cattle. In Tokyo, it seems that the detoxification of moxib masterpiece has been carried out for livestock and seminars have been held with the aim of improving reproductive function. However, shallow moxib may not lead to conception and it is not widely used because the effect is recognized as ambiguous.

“It is impossible to use hormonal drugs without the instructions of a veterinarian, taking many times the drug will weaken. So I wanted to pay attention to farming techniques that did not rely on hormonal drugs, so I went back to farming. Miyama said, I decided to investigate the effects of fat burning.

Instructions for using moxib shallow cow

We have repeatedly conducted investigations ranging from observing animal movement by applying a corrosive diet to the dynamics of sex hormones. As a result of about three years of research, the book “Instructions for the use of Moxib exhaustion in cattle” has been published.

The only basics needed to prepare moxibine in beef are miso and gusa. Apply miso to the pot on the back near the cow’s rump so it is about 5 cm in diameter, and roll a ping-pong ball on it to the size of a ping-pong ball. Mogusa may be commercially available to be of use to humans.

“I don’t know what the cow is exhausted for. If it’s hot and uncomfortable, you can either move your body or turn to get rid of the squirrel. So stay under the squirrel. I put on miso and Fix it so it doesn’t fall off.

By applying miso, you can transfer heat more gently than applying the mogusa directly to the skin. For first-time cows, it is safe to apply a thick layer of miso to avoid being surprised by the heat. “

Fix the cow’s head during heating

Also, when Miyama and his colleagues moved, they fixed their tails and heads so they wouldn’t move. If you’re not a nerve cow, you can feed it and divert your attention so you don’t turn around without fixing your head.

For bovine acupuncture points, we have selected 9 points that are known to improve reproductive function. These are the pots on the backs of cows like Tenpei, Renmon and Hyakukai. Dissociation is performed for 3 consecutive days during the luteal period 7 to 10 days after artificial insemination. Mogusa burned out in about 10 minutes after being lit up. After waiting for about 5 minutes and confirming that the ink is no longer hot, wipe off the miso.

Moxibarding promotes blood circulation and increases fertility

Some cows drool when feeling tired.

About 10 minutes after getting tired, the heat gradually begins to enter the body, so the crawl gradually begins to stir. However, once you get used to the heat, you will begin to see reactions such as defecating, urinating, and pushing back.

If there is no urination, the incidence of urination is 2% and stools 7%, while with urination, urination 22% and stools 69%.

“In the case of humans, exhaustion is thought to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system when it is relaxed. It is possible that exhaustion has an effect on the parasympathetic nervous system in animals as well as that. in humans.”

* According to the guidebook (Tokyo Metropolitan Forestry and Agricultural Research Center) improving the conception rate of exhausted dairy cows
Furthermore, in terms of conception rates, it is considered to be effective against cows that do not conceive even with 4 or more repeated artificial inseminations, and those who are pregnant for more than 300 days. Even cows, often thought to be difficult to conceive, were able to confirm their ability to conceive using Exhaustion moxib.

Additionally, research has found that fertilized eggs tend to have higher luteinizing hormone levels that help them land in the uterus when compared with and without ovulation.

“Since moxibcharge has the effect of improving blood flow, it is possible that blood flow to the corpus luteum will increase and the amount of luteum hormone secreted will also increase. I think the mechanism is increased blood flow and stimulation of the corpus luteum ⇒ increased luteum hormone levels ⇒ fertilized eggs (embryos) become easier to implant in the uterus ⇒ easier to conceive. “

However, it seems that the luteum hormone levels of non-fertile cows have not increased as much as in healthy cows. Mr. Miyama said that more research is needed on this point.

In addition, there are cases of monosexuality after artificial insemination does not conceive but the next time oestrus is clear, or the next time artificial insemination has conceived. In addition to having a direct effect on the corpus luteum, shallow moxib may have an effect on fertility.

Types and precautions suitable for burning moxiblation

Traces of shirt burns

This time, the center only carried out research on Holstein and Jersey. Looks like the jersey may not be suitable for moxib Kiệt as the burn remains long after moxib Kiệt.

Also, be careful when doing this during the hot summer months. Exhaustion when the cow’s body temperature is high has the risk of adversely affecting the body of the cow. At the center, removal of fever is performed only when it is confirmed that the body temperature is 39.5 degrees C or less. Also, if you are using a fan in summer, be careful not to let the wind blow.

“When you do burn, be careful in managing the fire. If you have shavings on the floor, be careful as it will burn. Be sure to put out the fire in case the cloth spills over. prepare the water.

Also, the amount of miso and mogusa described in the manual is a guide, so if you don’t like crawling, try adjusting by applying a thick layer of miso to reduce the amount of gusa. “

Following the announcement of the “Instructions for how to use Ushi no Moxib Kiet”, the center is receiving questions regarding the amount of miso and mogusa, as well as advice such as wanting to try Japanese beef.

The study was done this time on dairy cows. However, it is sometimes used to treat animals that are unable to stand up due to exhaustion from Exhaustion moxib, and it seems that the effects of using Exhaustion moxib can be very much to be expected. When considering the health and reproduction of livestock, you might consider choosing to use the Exhaustion moxib.