“NTT Techno Cross” supports dairy, pig and pig farming with “AI First” together with partner companies

The IT wave is coming to the agricultural world

Currently, agriculture is positioned as an important growth sector in the country, and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) companies that are not yet involved in agriculture are in turn. Enter the agribusiness field. One of them is NTT Technocross Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as NTT Technocross), which supports the agricultural sector by using AI technology such as big data analysis and image recognition, and IoT technology ( Internet of Things) such as sensor information. With the cooperation of about 30 companies of the NTT Group, we aim to revive agriculture through ICT, and develop new agricultural projects with the collaboration not only of companies in the group. group but also partner companies have many know-how.
Currently, the “U-motion®” service provided by Dezamis Co., Ltd., which is familiar with the dairy business, is provided with the function of analyzing card sensor information developed by NTT Technocross and report cow behavior and condition. In cooperation with ITOCHU Feed Co., Ltd., we have developed “Digital Mekan ®” that can easily estimate the weight of pigs at a high level in order to save the effort of measuring pig-specific weights, previously very time consuming and effortless. It is attracting a lot of attention from dairy, animal husbandry and pig production industries.

“U-motion®” enhances perfection with feedback from livestock farms across the country

“U-motion®” is a solution that has been introduced at ranches across Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Utilizing NTT Technocross’s AI x IoT technology, the data analytics platform “IoT Data Analyzer” records seven main actions: eating, drinking, rubbing, moving, standing, lying and standing still from tag type sensor information mounted on the cow. It is visualized in real time. Furthermore, by analyzing accumulated data, we provide a service that informs the farmer of “heat symptoms”, “sickness (illness)” and “difficulty getting up”, which are conditions of cattle should be identified at the appropriate time. ..
In particular, the warning function allows early detection of “difficult to stand” cows but the cow cannot suddenly get up and dies very effectively. With the advancement of “U-motion®”, the detection of cases of difficult to stand has been accumulated. And accuracy is improving. Cases have been reported so far and the breeders who have introduced this are very pleased, “said Yukiko Desuke, IoT Innovation Division. In beef cattle farming for about 1-1.5 million yen / cow, the biggest feat is being able to spot “hard to stand” cows in the early stages, but the introductory effect of “U-motion®” is not unique .. In the field In dairy farming, it is also effective in preventing the loss of important milk production, he said.

“In dairy farming, when a cow is sick, it affects milk yield. With ‘U-motion®’, disease can be detected and coped from an early stage, and can be minimized. the reduction in milk production., The farmers who recommend it are pleased. “

Currently, we are collecting large amounts of cattle data from breeders nationwide in real-time, and big data continues to improve the accuracy of day-to-day analysis. Of course, the feedback from the people at the production site is also very important, so it is said that the person in charge regularly comes to the farm to collect and analyze the information. Mr. Suke said: “I always go to the farm and some members only see me at the company for about half a month. It can be said that the attitude of NTT Technocross always strives to improve the accuracy and perfect the “U-motion®”.

Farmers (pig farmers) are looking forward to the launch of “Digital Mekan ®”

Together with “U-motion ®”, the solution “Digital Mekan ®” for estimating the weight of pigs is attracting a lot of attention from breeders nationwide. Weight measurement is an important job in pig production. In addition to management issues such as pig prices that vary depending on weight at the time of release, it is important to know the correct weight in pig health management, he said. “Food needs to change as you grow up from piglets. If you do not feed at the right time there will be a negative impact on their health and quality, so it is important to feed at appropriate weight.” Your are”
There are many methods of weighing pigs in captivity, such as weighing pigs, automated sorting systems and group measurements on track scales, but all of them are costly and laborious and a burden for people. pig breeding. .. So far, the shipping time is decided based on the age of the moon and the expert’s “mekan”, and the expert’s experience is required. “Digital Mekan ®” makes it easy for anyone to do this “mekan” using AI image recognition technology.
It was originally developed as a smartphone app, but now it is being developed as a solution that includes specialized hardware. Technically, it is almost completed and development of a dedicated machine is underway with the aim of releasing by the end of 2018. At the “International Chicken and Pig Comprehensive Exhibition 2018” held in Nagoya from May 30 to June 1, a prototype of a dedicated machine was coordinated with Itochu Feed Co., Ltd. display and attract the attention of many visitors. It is called Me. Many manufacturers are looking forward to the release of “Digital Mekan ®”, which not only reduces labor and weighing costs but also solves the problem of inherited skills.

Focus on revitalizing agriculture using AI and growing in the future

In this way, NTT Technocross strongly supports farmer problem solving with “U-motion ®” and “Digital Mekan ®” developed in collaboration with partner companies with many know-how. . This spring, we received certification “corevo®”, an AI technology brand from the NTT Group, to analyze cattle behavior and estimate pig weight.

“Our company has put” AI first “and aims to solve social problems using AI technology and the theme” New agricultural miracle due to the use of AI “is a pivot. in that, “said corporate strategy. Mari Taguchi, Senior Specialist, AI Enterprise Innovation Unit, Special Zone, talks about the company’s stance in the agribusiness sector.

The company will start with “World Agriculture 2018 (Next Generation Agricultural EXPO)” held at Makuhari Messe from 10 October and will start with the big event “Viet Stock 2018” in Southeast Asia (Vietnam. , Ho Chi Minh) from October 17th. Exhibition. Furthermore, on October 30th, we exhibited and introduced agriculture related solutions at our own event “NTT Techno Cross Fair 2018” to be held in Nihonbashi, Tokyo (Bersal Tokyo Nihonbashi) and in there, we start working on AI × It is said that an exhibition of efforts related to vegetable production and quality control using IoT technology is also planned.

Attention needs to be given to the solutions NTT Technocross is working on, aiming for a “new agricultural miracle” using AI.

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