Rapid detection of signs of disease in cows Modern feeding management methods use artificial intelligence

Receive cow health data Automatically notify cattle of attention

Just by wearing it on one’s wrist like a wristwatch, data such as steps, distance traveled, sleep time and calories burned are automatically collected and “wearable” useful is widely used for health management.

“Farmnote Color” has adopted a similar mechanism for dairy and beef cows.

When a wearable with an accelerometer is attached to the neck, the cow’s activity amount, recoil time, rest time, etc. are collected in real time for 24 hours and sent to the cloud. It shows signs of heat and illness, automatically chooses cattle to track and reports to the farm owner’s smartphone or tablet.

Since the AI ​​learned data for each cow, the analysis was conducted to look at the differences of each cow, and it seems that the company’s demonstration experiment left highly accurate results with the rate of detection. in heat is 90%.

“In Japan, there is a perimeter mounting system for cows, but Farmnote Color uses accelerometer and cloud sensors, and by combining it with artificial intelligence it improves accuracy and enhances the ability to recognize signs like heat and illness. I’m doing that, “says Abe.

A rancher in Kagoshima Prefecture introduced Farmnote Color due to the soaring price of calves, which is already focusing on domestic farming. Thereafter, the rate of detecting heat increased by 2 to 3 times compared with before introduction, and it seems that high precision artificial insemination has become possible.

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The reason for this development is that I received a consultation on “livestock ITization”.

Farmnote Ltd. developed the “Farmnote” cloud-style herd management product in 2014 and the accompanying service Farmnote Color in 2016. It seems the reason for the growth of the company is an incident. flag.

“SkyArc Co., Ltd., which has entered into systems integration business such as developing CMS (web content management system) for big companies in Tokyo, will be the precursor to the establishment of Farm.” Note. The company is headquartered in Obihiro, but in the agricultural sector However, I was advised by a local company “I can apply a client management system for business and livestock use. No? ”, This has caused growth.

Up to that time, there were systems for managing cattle herd movements by products overseas, but it was difficult for the farmer to use it in everyday livestock. So I wondered if it was possible to provide a web service where anyone could easily manage feedings through a smartphone, and the development of Farmnote had already begun. “

Veterinarians are also members to development

Even if you are a web service builder, you do not specialize in dairy farming and breeding. As Mr. Abe said, “It’s a difficult series of reviewing and designing services,” it starts with reading a large amount of livestock farming papers and reports to improve knowledge. ours.

Since the knowledge required for dairy farming and breeding is different, it seems that another company is “Farm Note Co., Ltd.” With the participation of veterinarians and consultants was established in November 2013 and will work to develop a comprehensive service. ..

“We have been working on development through many discussions with dairy and livestock farmers, and in November 2014, a year after Farmnote’s founding, we officially announced our “Farmnote” cloud herd management and 2016. In August of that year, artificial intelligence released “Farmnote Color”, a wearable that can analyze cattle behavior data. “

Up until that point, many farmers had handwritten notes about individual livestock management such as illness, medicine and delivery, but with Farmnote, all management could be done in one. screen. Farmnote Color helps detect heat and signs of disease in livestock.

“We’re aiming for a system that allows people with little experience in dairy and livestock farming to start farming. We used to rely on experience and intuition to manage herds, But by using AI, even the inexperienced people can achieve the effect.I think I can feed it, and I hope that the dairy farmers and breeders’ income will increase. even one yen, ”said Abe:“ In the future, we want to develop into an IT service that can contribute widely to Japanese agriculture, linking with more equipment and applications.

It is expected that the development of effective management systems based on data will continue to progress not only in cattle production but also throughout the agricultural sector.