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The town of Kobe is located along the coast of Okhotsk. About 75% of the total area is forest and wilderness, and stretches of lush land. This is a major industrial town with dairy farming as its core industry.

After passing through Kobe-cho city and running along Highway 239 towards Nayori, you will see a “Milk Hall” sign. About 50 dairy cows and 50 cows were bred. “North Plain Farm Co., Ltd.” is a recycled dairy farm that uses certified organic grass that is not dependent on pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

We manufacture and sell dairy products such as the national famous “Okhotsk Okope Organic Milk” and “Natural Cheese”, which carefully create the flavor of freshly squeezed milk. We are also working on dairy farming with added value from production to sales, such as opening the directly managed farm restaurant “Milk Hall”.

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Okube-cho is an area where dairy farming is thriving, but milk brought from other regions was distributed for school meals. When I was in elementary school, the founder, Hiroshi Oguro, wondered why domestically produced milk was not produced. North Plain Farm Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 with the idea “I want the local people to drink local milk”.

Instead of pursuing large-scale, dairy farmers started to produce and sell milk and dairy products based on the recirculating dairy model. We started by delivering milk in a glass bottle to the town, and in 1995 we were able to deliver the milk to school meals in town. Although it was suspended due to the decrease in the number of students, “Okoppe Milk” is still the favorite drink of the primary and junior high schools in the town for about 20 years and is still being implemented. at preschools and kindergartens.

In addition, we obtained a license to produce and sell cheese and butter, and opened a restaurant directly managed “Milk Hall”. Since then, it has been expanded as a sister store to “Esperio” in Asahikawa City and metropolitan areas (Yokohama City and Kamakura).

One of the North Plain Farm’s goals was “one job per child”. It aims to hire one person per animal by increasing value from production to sales. Currently, 38 people can be hired by milking 50 cows, and it has been shown that increasing the value of the product leads to job expansion. In support of this philosophy, we engage in dairy farming, product development and sales with our friends from outside Hokkaido.

The challenge for organic dairy farming With the goal of “consistent safety and security from raw materials to products”

Sixth industrialization, in which producers process and sell themselves, also makes them feel more directly responsible to consumers. In order for consumers to drink delicious milk with peace of mind, we have researched to make recirculating compost soil in the field without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and have started raising dairy cows. Recycling is based on herbivorous management for many years. It was.

Taking this platform one step further, in 2013, we achieved JAS certification for organic feed (grass, fake corn). The following year, we obtained the organic JAS certification for the fresh milk milk from cows fed with this organic feed and the foods it made from it, and organic dairy products were produced. Consistency from dairy feed to the end product.

Among the many products, Mr. Yamazaki proposed “Okhotsk Okope Organic Yogurt” and “Okope Fermented Butter Cake”.

“Okhotsk Okope organic yogurt” is characterized by the rich, creamy flavor of milk. The sweetness and richness of milk become soft acidity due to the action of 4 types of lactic acid bacteria. It is a rich yet refreshing product with a mild sweetness.
We only use organic raw fresh milk and green vegetables produced by Hokkaido as ingredients.

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“Oppe Fermented Butter Cake” is the best use of fermented butter, which is popular among many fans. It is a calcined gemstone that does not use any additives as thinners.

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By making the most of the good ingredients of raw milk, the production of safe and non-deceptive food is recognized by residents in the Tokyo metropolitan area and currently, almost half of all produce sales. The company’s products are from Hokkaido.

With the catchphrase “The health of the earth, grass, cows and people”, the Oguro president has gradually become deeply rooted in the president’s thoughts such as recycling agriculture and developing sustainable communities based on agriculture.

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