The brand new pig of Ibaraki Prefecture “Hitachi no Kagayaki” is under development!

What is the new brand pig “Hitachi no Kagayaki” in Ibaraki Prefecture?

A frame at the brand’s introduction held on August 22

“Hitachi no Kagayaki” is a new pig brand in Ibaraki prefecture developed mainly by pig breeders, distributors, governments and related organizations. Brand names and logos are decided after stakeholder discussion based on an open online call to the participants. It contains the wishes of all concerned people to develop pig farming in Ibaraki prefecture and become the leading brand in Japan.

Energizing Pig Production in Ibaraki Prefecture! A New Pig Brand Development Background

There is already a pig brand called “Rose Pork” in Ibaraki Prefecture, but what is behind the development of a new pig brand?

In 1988, the number of pig households in Ibaraki Prefecture was the highest in Japan (5,120 households), but in 2000 it fell to 990 households, the second largest in Japan and in 2017 it fell to about 350 households, making it the sixth largest. in Japan. did. Reasons for the decline include business closures due to poor management due to falling pig prices and rising feed prices, lack of inheritors, increased non-farmers and changes in surroundings such as progress. residential land development.

Moreover, as the globalization of the distribution of agricultural products such as TPP and the Japan-Europe EPA is approaching, brands are important means for pig farmers to survive, and existing brands have the of regional brands and individuals. The challenge is to clarify the differences compared to pigs.

Rose D-1 is the breed pig for “Hitachi Shine”. It is characterized by lean meat that contains a lot of fat

Under such circumstances, the breed pig Rose D-1, developed for more than 5 years at the Pig Breeding Research Institute, the Center for Livestock Production, Ibaraki Province, was completed in December 2016. Rose D-1 is likely to There is a large amount of fat in lean meat, which allows for characteristic pork production.
According to the inspection results of the province and the breeders based on the above issues, the basis of development is that we have decided to effectively use this new breed of pig and build the province’s unified branding.

What are the features and methods of certification “Hitachi Shine”?

As a stepping stone for the production of “Hitachi no Kagayaki”, in November 2017, Durok pig breed with D-1 increase, which has been improved for 5 years, was transferred from the Institute to pig farmers in the province. it was done. The Durok breed is the breed used for the final insemination of the Sangen pig (* 1) and influences the meat quality. Rose D-1 has a fat content of about 5% lean meat, which is twice as high as that of domestic pigs in general. “Hitachi Shine” is produced by crossing this breed pig with a crossbreed female. Shipments will start from each farmer around December of the year, and will be available in shops and restaurants.

* 1 Concentrated production method for domestic meat pig production combines three breeds.

How to get certified as “Hitachi Shine”?

Meat cubes of “Hitachi Shine”. Many people participated, such as letting a chef taste the prototype.

Pork produced and shipped by a designated manufacturer based on the “Hitachi Shine Production and Distribution Instructions” is certified as “Hitachi Shine”. According to this guide, breeding pigs must use Rose D-1 and be fed a special “Hitachi Shine” diet designed to improve meat quality over a certain period of time. In addition, the weight at the time of shipment must be lifted heavier than the conventional batch of porkers in order to improve the fattiness and flavor.
In terms of quality, we will set standards and regularly perform meat quality checks such as evaluating the fat content and taste of stakeholders to deliver unmodified high quality pork. Until now, the prototype of “Hitachi no Kagayaki” is still considered by chefs to have soft, delicious and delicious meat.

Branding measures

Even during the dinner party held after the branding event, we will provide dishes using “Hitachi no Kagayaki”

In order to establish a competitive brand, it is essential to first improve its brand awareness. From next year, when full-scale sales begin, we will focus on organizing sales events and fairs and using media PR measures, aimed at handling them at the stores. High-end department stores and restaurants in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
Going forward, we aim to ship 30,000 by 2020 and 70,000 by 2025 (* 2). He said he wanted to work with relevant people to make “Hitachi Shine” the top pork brand in Japan.

* 2 Ibaraki Prefectural Pig Promotion Promotion Plan

[Phỏng vấn hợp tác / cung cấp ảnh]Department of Livestock Production, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ibaraki Province