The dairy girl is the professional wrestler “Hip Queen” Haruka, who loves cows

What kind of person is Haruka?

East of Hokkaido. It is called “Doto”.
Doto is famous for “mist”.
The day I interviewed it was also foggy.

The fog could not see

The other side of the hill is always foggy

Haruka works at “Oh no Makiba” in “Akeshicho” in eastern Hokkaido.

What is a professional female wrestler …

When I played table tennis with excitement, this person showed up.

Haruka appeared


Yes, that’s right.



The trendy queen? Haruka-san, right?
(I can’t keep up with my head, so I’ll test it twice.)
Right. More than a hip queen.


Truly a professional wrestler! I was really amazed at the visuals of the appearance.

Haruka-san has an atmosphere that is neither “dairy farming” nor “professional wrestling”.

This seems to be an interesting story.

Born and raised in Tokyo, but has a connection with dairy farming since high school


You were born in a national city in Tokyo, why did you decide to go to dairy farming?
I’ve always liked animals. When I was in high school, I heard my teacher talk about the school’s existence and decided to continue pursuing my interests.


Haruka, who attended the same high school, where the Department of Animal Science is located, and has been mainly taking care of rabbits and sheep since her sophomore year.

There are cows at school, and they also milk.

The big turning point came when I was about to graduate.

I went to a big farmer with about 200 cows for extracurricular training. It uses automatic milking machines and advanced technologies and equipment such as pedometer for cows to understand the condition of the cow.

On the other hand, at that time I only knew a small rope cage at school (the one where the cows were tied with ropes and kept fixed) so there was a very large gap.

Same dairy farm, but far away! I was surprised.



So you are very interested in dairy farming. Are you having difficulty going to school and work?
At first I planned to continue going to school, but after the extra training
“I want to learn more about milk knowledge and systems”
I thought.

So I thought so and moved on to work.


I want to be a dairy farmer, but I can’t get a job! ? Farming in Hokkaido free from all the obstacles


I think it was decided quite well because dairy farming lacks manpower.
However, it was.


Despite the scarcity of manpower, the image of a men’s workplace with many difficult jobs at the website.
He said he was a “young girl”.

There is a story that Haruka-san came to Hokkaido could not describe except for the word “married”.

One day, in the customer consulting room was posted on a flyer of Corp (live cooperative)

“Are there any dairy farmers who will let you visit?”

I called.



…… (Hey, it’s not an action force)
It was the ranch in Atsugi-cho (where Mr. Haruka works now).
So I jumped in and out for 2 nights and 3 days.



…… (Hey, that’s not a motive for action)
Are your parents against letting you come to Hokkaido alone?
My mom has a friend from Atsugi-cho, and that person just got home, so I went to Atsugi for the first time with him.


Haruka, who has the ability to connect relationships, is also active in Hokkaido.
It seems that the locals have introduced the dairy farming training system in Atsugi Town.

The training system is.
A total of about a year and two months?
After the training, I decided to take a job on the farm.


Haruka-san, who has no motivation.
It’s been 7 years since the training ended.
After working on several farms, I have been working on the current farm since January of this year.

By the way, it is.


You say you’ve worked on several ranches, but you haven’t reached the goal of “I want to see many different dairy farms” that inspired me to be a dairy farmer?
Not so right. To be honest, the more I know, the more I think.
Milk and cows really make new discoveries every day.


It’s amazing being able to work with freshness every day!
I really want to hear more about the dairy work of Haruka-san, who loves cows! I think

I totally forgot to ask about super important matters.

This person

is already!

Appears like a trendy queen


Haruka-san is a professional wrestler, right?
We are active in an organization called Shin Nemuro Pro Wrestling.


Haruka was drawn to the excitement of the professional wrestling club held at Hitotsubashi University’s school festival in the local national city from kindergarten to the lower grades of elementary school.

One day, I told him that he liked watching professional wrestling videos at the bar.
Well then, I’ll have a meeting for professional wrestling lovers, that’s all.
So there were some members of Shin-Nemuro Pro-less among the members gathered and the video I played was Shin-Nemuro Pro-less’s.


Haruka-san first learned about the existence of a professional amateur wrestling organization in the area.
I became a fan, and I was offered a job backstage, and the gap narrowed.

There is a middle school and a drama club. That’s why public speaking is not a painful issue.
Also, I have a hobby of cosplay or wearing a small outfit at home and is having fun.


While talking about my special hobbies and skills, I was asked “Why don’t you cosplay and do Ring Anna?”

Then, after many unusual occurrences

“Do you have a slave suit? If you do, I want you to wear it.”

“It happens, but there’s tied up costumes. Let’s go out.”

The present was born of an exchange that was normally not possible!

By the way, Chida has lived for 35 years and has never used the word “slave outfit”.

I have never met “someone who happens to be in a cramped outfit”.

Big world.


If possible, I would like to take a photo shoot in queen fashion.


Haruka-san, before Bondage:

Done with cutting down on naps. Thank you.

Haruka-san, after being tied up:


Open! ??


Are tied up! !! !!

By the way, Haruka-san said:

I don’t hate cosplay, or rather dress.



This is not Haruka-san.

“Queen of hip music” Haruka! !!

Haruka’s “Queen of hip music” has been applied

If you interviewed a professional wrestler.

I want to take pictures of where I am called.

I wonder if it will freeze.


Sorry, but can you do your best?
Are you good at it?

That is it?



Muchi with Bassine.





Chidaha, Onegaishita.

So let’s go!


Batchon! !! !!



Where the sea bass is tied with a whip


In the photo


Is it okay to be beaten! !!




I’m sorry … I don’t feel any stickiness in the photos, so please try again …


Set a timer to take pictures

Hand holding the whip

Feels like you’re being hit

With a pained face

Photo was hit “wind”

Impossible, to experience the first hit (hit?) In Hokkaido …

That’s hurt.

Haruka’s Day

Haruka, who loves dairy farming and loves professional wrestling, has a first day.

The time is too short so you can wear the same makeup. I’m sorry.

Morning work:
From 5 o’clock to 9:30 a.m.

Doesn’t turn on:
free time.

Working evening:
Around 15:30 to 20:00.

That is.

Working in the morning and in the evening is basically the same thing.

First, breastfeed the calf.

Divide the rancher’s wife’s milk into the buckets

Haruka, who puts a bucket with Stonston at a good pace

The cows drank the milk that Haruka deliciously added.

Clean used buckets.

When you have finished milking the calf is milking.

Haruka watered the walls and floor of the room with a milking machine called a twin tandem breast pump. By wetting it, it prevents impurities such as cow dung from adhering.

The cow is one step higher than the body, it seems that the burden on the waist is also less.

Special note is 7 hours from finishing work in the morning until starting at night! !!

It seems that the time is spent mainly on naps.

I get one day off once a week, but without a day off with others, I can take a break continuously and participate in professional wrestling activities in Hokkaido and Tokyo.

I asked the people at the ranch where Haruka works!

The farm where Haruka works is a large farm with a total of 300 cows (including 180 milking cows!).

I asked Mr. Toshiharu Ohno, the owner of the ranch.


Haruka has been working since January 2019. I get the impression that you are serious about dairy farming.
I agree. Sometimes I’m an experienced person, and it really helps because he works seriously.
It’s an industry that is short on human resources, so I’m grateful that the industry has young and kind people like Haruka-san working.

Mr. Ohno

We heard that there were some people who received trainees from abroad, but it seemed quite difficult because of the communication problem and the need to travel to shop without a license.

I’m really happy if you try your best for as long as possible.

Mr. Ohno

We also talked to the rancher’s wife, she said she was very helpful in her serious job.

It seems that he understands and cooperates with professional wrestling activities, and is it the result of Haruka-san’s acting that he is blessed with such a great relationship?


Haruka-san is connected to professional wrestling, a dairy farmer who was interested in her childhood.

Finally, I ask again why can we continue to raise dairy cows, which is a materially difficult job.

The answer is back

That is it.

It seems the reason why I can cope with everyday work in Hokkaido, far away from my home country, is because I enjoy what I like.

I was amazed at the distance between my normal look and the hip music queen, but I was impressed with how I seriously do what I like.

Thank you Haruka-san and everyone at the farm.