The secret of Japanese cow breeding “Ozaki cow” that the world craves

“Ozaki beef” is arguably the best beef in Japan. It is said that it is more popular than other famous brand beef at top stores in Japan. It features lean, juicy and tender meat, and has constant orders from all over the world, such as the three-star restaurant in Paris, which has been rumored as well as domestically.

Such Ozaki beef is named after the personal name of Mr. Muneharu Ozaki, who raised the beef, not the name of the place of manufacture. “Even the wine has the name of the producer,” said Mr. Ozaki. Producers cannot use country names as brand names, ”said Mr. Ozaki, the reason why Ozaki beef is loved by top chefs in Japan and abroad. I heard.

Ozaki beef is raised in Miyazaki, where there is an abundance of water and the best food

Mr. Ozaki’s farm is located in Miyazaki city, where meat calf production has been in operation for a while. Currently, 1,400 Japanese fattening cows are being bred on an area of ​​5 hectares.

“Miyazaki is warm and rainy all year round, and if you take your eyes off the ranch it will be overgrown by grass. Sensitive cows don’t like the smell of karuki and don’t drink tap water, so farm water takes natural water. Rain. in Miyazaki there is a protective rain from the clouds above Hinata Nada and less pollutants. The abundant natural water is the ideal place for both grass and cattle Three resettlement places in Miyazaki Then I searched out the best farm today ”.

Mr. Ozaki says that the biggest difference between Ozaki beef and other types of beef is the original food.

“I spent 20 years researching how to prepare food. I have blended 12 foods such as corn, kinako and seaweed powder, focusing on brewed pear mushroom. Hops and seaweed powder are in pear juice. beer. Arginic acid. These strengthen the blood vessels of the cow so that the vitamins and minerals reach the end of the body. “

Feed is mixed daily and fed fresh at the same time each day. The reason is that we do not use preservatives or antibiotics in our feed. And to keep the taste of the meat constant.

“Ozaki that keep cows for a long time produces a good taste. It is important that the beef is healthy to lead to maturity rather than aging. Also, the meaty taste is determined by the taste of the food. If the amount of fat is not kept constant, it is impossible to compare the taste, health of the cow and the taste of the meat as determined by the content of the food.

Like Mr. Ozaki, many people raise cows on their own, but he says there will be no meat comparable to Ozaki beef.

Eat Ozaki beef every day for 365 days of the year and test the taste

“You can’t satisfy others with meat you don’t eat and impress.”

Mr. Ozaki pointed out the importance of eating the meat of the cows he raised and testing for flavor before researching food. There are eight restaurants in Miyazaki city where you can eat Ozaki beef, and each one goes around the shops to eat each day.

“To test the taste of Ozaki beef and thank the owner who favored it. And this is important, to know who is eating Ozaki and how. What type of meat is I always observe who will. Love it, so I quickly predicted that an explosion of lean meat would come, so I soon brought marble meat to France. I love you “

Mr. Ozaki’s dinner, which he has studied this way, ends at 24:00 every night. I go back to the farm at 24:30, walk around the barn and go to bed at 25:30 daily. The next morning, he wakes up at 4:30 and works from 5 to 6 pm. That’s why there is no doubt that the Ozaki beef that we eat every day is the source of energy.

Method of propagation “while alive”

Ozaki beef aims to be “beef that is not chewy to eat every day and makes you want to eat again the next day.” A single method is also used for propagation for that purpose.

“Normal cows are normally raised for 27 months and released after reaching 700 kg. However, Ozaki cows are kept for about 5 months longer. Ozaki cattle are fed 10 kg per day. However, if grown long, the amount of feed is required. Food will be reduced to 9 kg and 8 kg, when reduced to 5 kg is at the factory, 5 kg of food is to maintain body 700 kg. Calories needed. I describe it as a “descending cow”, but then it becomes less fat and meatier.

The most important thing is to determine the best fat weight and mass, not the period of reproduction.

“Old meat is very common these days, but it can be said that old Ozaki beef is alive. It grows longer than usual, and the amount of food it eats is reduced.” That is when the cow says, “It is a sign that the cow itself is ripe.”

According to Mr. Ozaki, “it makes no sense to cook meat after it has been slaughtered.”

The job is to determine the abilities of the cows and make the most of them.

In order to keep the Ozaki beef that tastes good like old meat, it is also important to stitch the calf.

“Every month I buy 40 calves, but each has different abilities, as the calf gets older I will determine what the top score is. Some calves that grow into cows get perfect scores, while others grow low no matter how hard they try. Determine the calf’s abilities and make the most of it. This is a unique feed and breeding method for that purpose. My job is to do it perfectly. “

The reason why Ozaki beef has become a brand name is its uniqueness and quality

The reason why Ozaki, raised by Mr. Ozaki, has become an internationally recognized brand beef. It was also thanks to the supporters who fell in love with the Ozaki cow.

“I don’t advertise Ozaki beef at all. People who ate Ozaki beef and thought it was delicious spread it. My friends are opening sales offices around the world. Tokyo, Europe, Dubai, Philippines and other places, and he volunteered to be a fan. Also, from the end of 2017, he will be traveling to Argentina, Chile and Brazil in South America, and next year he plans to expand to Europe. Phi, he’s 57 years old this year. “Three more years is scheduled. By then, we are planning to let people from 200 countries eat Ozaki beef. “

Mr. Ozaki said that the existence of Ozaki beef advocates and the rating from all over the world is “because Ozaki beef is a unique brand.”

“The word branding comes from the fact that the butt is marked with a roasting iron to distinguish cows. A label should be attached to the name of an individual, as if each cow was stamped. If you could make one. The original cannot be found anywhere else in the world, you will become a trademark. “

The brand statement also guarantees the quality of the product. Ozaki is delicious and safe, with a guarantee of quality. Mr. Ozaki still flies around the barn today and around the world to protect his brand.

* Photo provided by Muneharu Ozaki