The stench becomes a nut scent! ?? “Countermeasures against the stench of pets” in Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Smell problem in Kosai City, where the livestock industry is thriving

Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture, is known as the prefectural livestock development area. Currently, there are 11 pig farms, 2 chicken houses (chicken for eggs), 2 quails (for eggs), 11 beef cows and 3 dairy farms in the livestock industry in Huxi. According to the 2016 “Shizuoka Livestock Production Handbook” published by the prefecture, the number of pigs raised is the highest in the province and the number of beef cattle raised is the third in the province.

On the other hand, the city also has problems with bad odors due to the livestock industry, with many complaints about the bad smell of pig farms near the city.

“I don’t know when I started to receive the complaint, but I see that the number of cases has increased since the mountain was cleared due to residential land development and the change in wind direction. Also, the figures are from about five. 1999 showed sanitation for livestock. Because of the provisions of the Council of Countermeasures, I think that anti-odor measures have been taken since that time, “said Mr. Yoshida.

“Deomagic HG” turns odors into scent

To improve odors, the city of Kosai has taken measures such as attaching barn curtains to prevent odors and spraying compost with deodorants to prevent odors.

“In addition, we mix deodorant food and feed it, and collaborate with a trader, we also conduct testing to introduce deodorizing ingredients like bamboo chips. I can not. “

Around September 2015, when no action was taken, the City of Kosai received a DVD from the residents. The DVD contains a news show introducing “Deomagic HG”, a deodorant for agriculture and dairy farming, sold by the Food Science Research Institute Limited.

Deo Magic HG is born under a new concept “turning odors into scent”. By diluting the solution and spraying it with mist, it has the effect of changing the scent into a sweet aroma. In addition, the fragrance uses food additives so you can use it with confidence.

The city of Kosai introduces a subsidy system

After learning about the existence of Deomagic HG, the city of Kosai conducted demonstration experiments in December 2015 and January 2016 in collaboration with agricultural cooperatives, economic and agricultural associations. people. There, the farmers who have experienced the effects of Deomagic HG delighted. On the spot, he decided to subsidize 2/3 of the cost of purchasing Deomagic HG and the spraying equipment into the existing subsidized system.

In addition, the Agricultural Cooperative and Keizai Ren have quickly established a Deomagic HG procurement route, creating an easy environment for Kosai City farmers to purchase.

“The city’s monitoring survey shows that the number of days of odors has decreased since using DeoMagic HG, but there are opinions complaining about the smell so it is definitely effective. It is difficult to judge whether or not there is.

However, I think “Deomagic HG” will be more effective if it is sprayed after taking measures to minimize odors from the barn and compost bark, such as diligently cleaning and sealing the barn. camp ”. ..

Currently, the number of farmers who introduced Deomagic HG in Kosai City is said to be 7 pigs and 1 quail.

Contribution to livestock industry with odor control Future prospects for odors problems

“Taking measures against the odor will lead to the continuation of the city’s livestock industry,” said Yoshida. The reason is believed to be the deodorizing laws established by each city.

If the value exceeds the specified value based on the Irritating Odor Control Law, an adjustment order will be issued, and in the worst case scenario, the business may be forced out of business. Reasonable anti-odor measures are required to maintain stable management at the present location.

Kosai City will continue to provide farmers with odor control assistance.

“I want to actively collect information about new technologies and odor-blocking materials, I hope to continue to think about odors with people so that the livestock industry can continue to operate stably. I will. “

Mr. Yoshida said: “Relationships with neighboring residents are very important for the continued development of the livestock industry. Kosai City’s efforts, in which government and farmers work together to make the city a comfortable place for both residents and farmers, will have a positive impact on problem areas. odor.

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Photo courtesy of Kosai City Hall