We pride ourselves on our bright working environment! Become a milk helper and gain knowledge and skills

Good access from Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport. Kobe town where dairy farming is thriving

Kobe town overlooks the sea of ​​Okhotsk. Kobe town is known as a thriving dairy area, with cute cows drawn on country signs representing the town’s symbol and the town’s name. Processed products using milkshakes in Kobe Town, such as soft ice cream and cheese, are gaining popularity. Kobe is about 40 minutes from Monbetsu Airport and has convenient connections to the metropolitan area. The “Ocoppe Helper Association” in Okobe Town takes charge of helping to raise dairy cows on behalf of the town’s dairy farmers.

Bonus and welfare regimes are also maintained. Worked as an associate officer of JA North Okhotsk

Hiroshi Hasekura, leader of the “Ocoppe Helper Association”

The dairy housekeeper is responsible for on behalf of the dairy farmer to milk, feed and clean the barn on behalf of the farmer. Okoppe Helper Association milk helpers are hired as associate staff of JA Kita Okhotsk, so they can receive benefits and bonuses. Another attractive thing is that there are salary increases according to the way of work.

Introduce a maid’s day for milk.

5:00 ~ Go to the farm
Responsible for the main work of milking.
(Depending on the farm, cleaning and feeding work is available)
8: 30-Finished work in the morning

(free time)

You are free to go home, take a break or go shopping.
Some employees use this time as a hobby.

15h30 working in the evening
Just as in the morning, milking will be the main focus.
19: 00-Finish work / return home

Desire to go to the wilderness of Hokkaido, become a dairy maid, agriculture is the goal in the future

Yuichi Itai, who moved in from Osaka with his family

Itai-san works as an artist in Osaka, but wishes to go to the wilderness of Hokkaido and move in with her family. I am gaining experience as a milk assistant for the “Ocoppe Helper Association”. My goal is to start new cultivation in the future. “I have a lot to learn every day, surrounded by cheerful, energetic, knowledgeable and experienced seniors, but a year passed quickly,” he recalls.

There are also rooms with furniture and appliances in the single dormitory.

The house where Mr. Itai lives with his family was prepared by the “Ocoppe Helper Association”. I spend more time in a bigger house than when I lived in Osaka. Since the rent subsidy was provided, the rent is said to be less than ¥ 20,000 per month.

“I want to enjoy my hobbies as well as my job. This year, I want to try winter activities like skiing and snow mobility, unique activities in Hokkaido.”

I wanted to gain experience as a dairy housekeeper and a direct force on my parents’ farm.

Sota Sato’s hobby is “standing windsurfing”.

Mr. Sato is from Monbetsu city, near Kobe town. Interested in agriculture when I was a student, I started working to support dairy farming. The attraction of this job is, “You can gain experience on many different farms. Each farm has a different way of doing things, so you have to adapt to each. That’s a tricky point, But it was a learning experience. ” Mr. Sato. He sometimes goes out to eat and play with farmers he has met through his work.

Mr. Sato’s hobby is “standing windsurfing”. This is a sport in which you stand on a dedicated surfboard and paddle on the water. Not only on his days off, he goes to the beach and enjoys his hobbies after work in the morning and in his spare time until he goes to work in the evening.

Mr. Sato’s future goal is to succeed his parents’ farm. “My parents also accumulated support experience before starting to manage. I also wanted to acquire solid knowledge and skills in Kobe Town, gain experience, be able to work as an immediately force and return to my parents’ home. “.

Employee friendliness is intriguing, and you can keep your job happy

Toshiyuki Kobayashi, who likes animals and is interested in dairy farming

Mr. Kobayashi attended high school on Rishiri Island in Hokkaido. “When I started working as a milk assistant, every day was a continuous learning process. I got used to it, but my seniors were all happy and active and I didn’t have time to know them. he laughed. Difficult at work, but he feels that now he has the support of his colleagues.

Why don’t you feel the site’s atmosphere through work experience, etc.

The “Ocoppe Maid Association” welcomes those who want to think about getting a job after actually working and who want to preview what the workplace atmosphere is like.

The friendliness of the staff working here is also an attraction. It’s a workplace where you can talk about anything, whether it’s work or your private life. It is characterized by a low rate of turnover, with some employees working in milk aid work for over 20 years.

As a dairy maid, you can learn about the differences in management thinking, on farm facilities and working style as you work on multiple farms. You can also aim to do new farming in the future while gaining a lot of knowledge and skills.

Would you like to help raise dairy cows in the wilds of Kobe Town and become a dairy expert?

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Okoppe Helper Association (JA Kita Okhotsk)
Address: 518 Kobu, Kobu-cho, Monbetsu-gun, Hokkaido
Phone: 0158-82-2101