“U-motion®” significantly reduces the patrol of the cow by sensor monitoring

Finds cows need handling and improve production efficiency

The problem of “aging” and “labor shortage”, which are problems of the entire agricultural sector, are becoming apparent in the livestock and dairy sectors. In recent years, the number of cows that raise both beef and dairy cows has been decreasing, while the number of cows per household has increased in the form of receiving cattle from abandoned farmers, and the rest of the households as well. shocking. I will.

In addition to heavy work in livestock production, there is a risk of significant financial loss if a child is lost due to illness or accident. Therefore, the farmer needs to continuously check the condition of the cows, detect dangerous signs such as poor condition, difficult to get up for early treatment. However, in the current labor shortage, it is not easy to closely monitor the status of the livestock.

Hence, what is currently gaining attention in the industry is “U-motion®”, developed in partnership with Dezamis Co., Ltd. and NTT Technocross Co., Ltd. By attaching a tag type sensor to the cow, the cow’s behavior can be observed in real time for 24 hours and “visualization” is performed. With AI x IoT technology, we are working to solve the problems faced by dairy and dairy farms.

“U-motion®” uses sensors to measure key behaviors such as feeding, drinking water, rubbing, motivation, standing, lying, and standing still. By analyzing detailed behavioral data and accumulated data using machine learning and unique algorithms, we provide a service that informs breeders about illness (illness), signs of oestrus, and it is difficult to get up, it is the condition of the cattle that needs to be confirmed. I will.

It has been introduced in ranches across the country and we are currently collecting data from about 50,000 cows such as beef and dairy cows in the cloud and analyzing big data to improve detection accuracy. everyday. I will.

It is said that the introduction of “U-motion ®” not only significantly reduced the patrol work that the producers did 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but also reported multiple cases. cows are difficult to get up. In addition, seed can be sown without ignoring signs of heat, and can happen to producers who say livestock efficiency has improved, and can cope with physical conditions. poorly not visible to the naked eye, etc. It is appreciated by users.

Ask the development team – “U-motion®” is growing

From the end of 2017, we have started offering “Hard Cow Detection Warning” to prevent cows from dying suddenly, and this version has been upgraded in response to user voice and service continues to play. development. ..

“It is not uncommon for cows to be overweight, fall while fattening, they cannot easily get up, so they will suffocate air into their stomach. When detected, it will be automatically notified by E-mail and developed for quick processing. A “Hard Cow Detection Alert” is currently available for beef cattle, but is available upon request in the future. As an example, we will consider supplying it to dairy cows, ”said Masanori Hatanaka.

Then, after confirming whether there is an option fee charged for the “Hard Cow Detection Warning”, “U-motion®” is not such a stance.

“U-motion® is charged monthly, but even with the addition of an alarm function to date, there is no optional fee. The service called” U-motion® “has been developed and the manufacturers are The number of support functions is increasing … “Hard cow detection warning” is not an option, but is considered one of the functions provided by “U-motion®”. I am constantly developing my services and simplifying the pricing system to make it easier for manufacturers to recommend it, ”adds Katsutoshi Sasaki.

In addition, with “U-motion®”, detailed behavior data can be visually confirmed on the management screen by conversion charts, etc. without relying on experience or intuition, so if Whatever happens, act promptly. Ability. As you can see from Mr. Sasaki’s words, “The attention cow can be noticed immediately because an alert is displayed on the management screen”, the service completed with consideration of the user friendly. I will.

Aims to expand the scope of data usage through continuous research and development

“U-motion® is used differently depending on the user. At a farm that records drug and delivery information, disease history and oestrus warnings, etc. and creates a life log for each animal or at a morning meeting Hatanaka said, there are many manufacturers display the management screen of “U-motion®” and share information about cows to be noted with staff.

“In order to further enhance the detection accuracy of the cow’s motion prediction algorithm from big data, we often go to the site to check the cow’s behavior, investigate the relationship between movement and data. sensor, and reflect it in analysis. “Mr. Sasaki.

The two development teams agreed that observing the movement of cows with their own eyes, as well as understanding how to use them in the field and the needs of the users, will lead to improved quality of service.

In addition, the “U-motion®” card incorporates multiple sensors such as an accelerometer, pressure sensor and position detection sensor. It is being enhanced. The development team is grappling with sensor data every day, repeating hypotheses and verifying to improve the accuracy of existing functions, and developing new functions through regular discussions. First of all, it is said that it is aiming to implement a special “delivery time detection and notification alarm function” that is needed by the user.

In this way, the service “U-motion®” continued to evolve. The development of “U-motion®”, which brings livestock and dairy farming to the next stage, will need to be watched in the future.

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