Would you like to experience the job of a dairy helper assisting dairy farmers in Toyokoro Town, Hokkaido?

An indispensable presence to support local dairy farmers

Agriculture plays a central role in Toyokoro Town’s industry. Not only doing large-scale slash-and-burn cultivation, but also in animal husbandry, we are currently raising dairy cows for dairy cows.

Dairy work includes milking in the morning and evening, cleaning, feeding and caring, and managing feeding 365 days a year. It is the duty of the dairy maids to act on behalf of dairy farmers when they have to leave their homes due to illness, injury, holidays, etc. Toyokoro Dairy Helper Limited Liability Partner is established. with the investment of the dairy farmers in the town to encourage the local dairy farmers to develop a comfortable management method.

Currently, there are 43 households raising dairy cows. Seven milk workers are operating at the request of the members. Since livestock management, facilities and machinery vary depending on the dairy farmer you visit, we provide a variety of assistance.

To meet the wishes of dairy farmers. Information sharing among employees, closely

Masato Nakagawa, who joined the Toyokoro Dairy Helper Limited Liability Cooperation in his first year, visited Toyokoro Town as a dairy assistant internship when he was a student studying animal husbandry.
Mr. Nakagawa is always interested in the cows among animals. It seems the decisive factor for working here is that the dairy farmers are very kind and taught me during my internship. “The cows are so cute and happy to work every day”, he laughed.

Masato Nakagawa

Depending on the dairy farm you visit, working hours can vary, but generally the morning maid’s job is from 5am to 9am and the job of the morning maid. PM is from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. They mainly milk, feed and clean the barn.
“Every dairy farmer has different working methods and machines, so I can learn new things every day,” Nakagawa said. I am very happy and rewarding to be thanked by the dairy farmers after work. He. As for his future goals, he said, “I want to learn my craft quickly and become a trusted helper that is trusted by dairy farmers.”

Mr. Nakagawa works in milking

Masato Yamagiwa, born in Saitama Prefecture for his third year after joining the company, has always loved animals and has a dream of working at the zoo in the future. After graduating from agricultural high school, I went to a vocational school to become a specialist in livestock. At a vocational school, when I first found out about being a dairy servant, got interested in it and began to join the world of milk workers.

Masato Yamagiwa

“Hokkaido has images of herds grazing on a large land, so at first I was surprised to see how it is properly managed in a barn.”

Seeing the birth of a cow for the first time, Mr. Yamagiwa was impressed with the question “How was a cow born like this?” Nowadays, sometimes he raises cows and supports the delivery. After joining the company, Mr. Yamagiwa said he had obtained a license to drive agricultural machinery. “I’m used to driving agricultural machinery now, but I’ve always been careful.”

Mr. Yamagiwa works in milking with Cari Robo

Even if you are inexperienced, you can develop into an indispensable dairy helper for local dairy farmers.

At “Toyokoro Town Dairy Helper Limited Liability Association”, training period is 3 months after joining the company. Once you get used to the farm atmosphere, you can slowly learn about the job while walking around the farm with senior dairy maids. In addition, with the cooperation of dairy farmers, we also train in agricultural machinery, helping you to master how to operate agricultural machinery.

We also have a meeting once or twice a month. In addition to sharing information that should be kept in mind during work, we are working to collaborate with each other by making shift adjustments.
With a thorough support system, even new dairy farmers can be assured. Most of the staff, including Mr. Nakagawa and Mr. Yamagiwa, started out from inexperience and developed into an indispensable presence for local dairy farmers.

Appearing in company housing for single people

On the environment, we have a 1LDK company for single-person housing (12,300 yen / month including housing allowance). In addition, there are various allowances such as welfare pensions, bonuses (twice a year), salary increases (once a year), and the pension system. Since last year, we have created an environment where every employee can work with peace of mind, such as providing a district cold allowance (¥ 10,000 / month, November to March).

Company room condition for single people

“Since the dairy farming in Toyokoro Town has been mechanized and automated very early on, you can learn about milking systems and equipment,” said Kosuke Matsumoto of Toyokoro Town Agricultural Cooperative. latest while working. “.

About the dairy maid’s job “Ideal for people who like animals and want to help people. People interested in the job of dairy workers and able to work sincerely are welcome. welcome even if they are inexperienced “. ..

Why not try working as a dairy assistant in Toyokoro-cho, where you can learn the latest ways to raise dairy cows?

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