Yuda Milk Corporation Co., Ltd. as a bridge between consumers and manufacturers

The strong point is the consumer’s closeness to the dairy farmers representing Nishiwaga Town.

Nishiwaga Town, Iwate Prefecture, is located at the western end of Iwate prefecture and on the prefecture’s border with Akita prefecture. This is one of the top hot spring villages in Tohoku, and is surrounded by rich nature like Mount Waga and Mount Minamihonnai. It is designated a special area of ​​heavy snowfall, and it is an area of ​​heavy snowfall that contests one or two in the province.

In 1966, “Yuda Milk Corporation” was born in this area with the initiative of dairy farmers and investment from the town and agricultural cooperatives. We aim to be “a company that can act as a bridge between consumers and manufacturers” and “a company that can contribute to the community and be supported by the community”.

We manufacture and sell dairy products such as “Yuda Milk”, especially low temperature sterilization and “Premium Yuda Yogurt”, which is a blockbuster product, for you to enjoy. the freshness of fresh milk. We are also working hard to meet the diverse needs of consumers and contribute to increased income for dairy farmers for high value added sales.

Together with dairy farmers in Nishiwaga-cho, Waga-gun, Iwate Prefecture and Kanegasaki-cho, Gyozawa-gun, we provide safety and security-focused products from dairy production to sales. Fresh ingredients arrive at the customer’s dining table.

Since its establishment in 1966, Yuda Milk Corporation has cherished the desire to “create safe and delicious milk so that children can drink it every day with peace of mind.” In 1975, a large-scale dairy factory was built and gradually expanded production scale. In addition to new capital investment, including the construction of a new factory in 2000, we are also working on the dessert department, and the sales are increasing dramatically.

Stick with “low temperature sterilization” and pursue the taste that closely resembles raw fresh milk

As the representative milk of Nishiwaga Town, “Yuda Milk” is loved by many, especially for its ability to sterilize at low temperatures. When sterilized at low temperatures, the taste is almost identical to the original taste of raw fresh milk, but the shelf life is shortened.

Most of the milk on the market is processed by sterilization at extremely high temperatures, but Yuda Milk Joint Stock Company sterilizes at 72 degrees C for 15 seconds so as not to lose the original taste and nutrition of fresh milk. resources.

“Low temperature pasteurized milk is a bit more expensive than ultra-high temperature pasteurized milk, but if you want to enjoy the taste of raw fresh milk, try it out,” said Mr. Mizobuchi.

One of the popular products is “Atsuko” milk, which is produced within 24 hours of being milked. With an emphasis on freshness, it is sterilized at 65 degrees for 30 minutes. In addition, “Heterogeneous Atsuko” was pasteurized at 63 degrees for 30 minutes, without crushing the fat ingredients, so the whipped cream floats on top, which is popular for its resemblance to freshly squeezed milk.

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“Atsuko” and “Heterogeneous Atsuko” were selected as the milk recommended by the “Fresh Milk Freshness Recommendation System” established by the National Dairy Agricultural Cooperatives Association.

Developed soy sauce and miso paste exclusively for popular yogurts

“Premium Yuda Yogurt” is enjoyed by many fans all over the country because you can enjoy the “spongy and smooth” texture. There are two types: “smooth” with a fresh and rich flavor and “sweet” with rich and rich flavor. Since it contains “lactic acid bacteria BB-12” which is able to fight stomach acid and go to the living intestine, it is also effective in regulating the intestinal tract and boosting immunity. In addition, aluminum pouches are used to avoid exposure to the air and maintain deliciousness.

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“Soy Sauce for Yogurt” was released in 2014. It is a new source that was developed in conjunction with local brewery, Sasacho Brewery. Soy sauce is similar to the taste of yogurt, so it goes well with regular yogurt. It is a soy sauce that blends with not only yogurt but also vanilla ice cream, hot cakes and bread.

In 2015, we sold “Miso on yogurt” as the second product after soy sauce. Based on apple juice, honey, miso, etc. are mixed to finish. When applied with plain yogurt, it turns into a cheesecake-like flavor.

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You can also buy products such as milk and yogurt at Yui House, which is adjacent to the Yuda Milk Corporation production plant. In addition, you can enjoy special handmade candies that match the delicious taste of milk.

The company aims to grow further as a company that is regionally loved and responsible to the local economy.
The circle of Yuda milk fans has to stretch across the country, nowhere, all over the world.

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