65% satisfied with the selling price! Farmer’s perception and reality about organic

Conventional farming only reaches 60%, while farming methods reduce chemical fertilizers and pesticides 40%.

First of all, the following results are obtained related to the agricultural cultivation method.
・ Organic farming, etc. 8.1%
・ Special cultivation 14.9%
・ Environmentally friendly farming based on other standards 16.5%
・ Conventional cultivation 56.9%

“Organic farming, etc.” is agricultural products that have received JAS certified organic and farming methods that are not certified but do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. “Special farming” is a farming method in which the use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides is reduced by more than 50% from the amount normally used in the region. “Eco farming based on other standards” refers to cases where farming methods such as organic farmers are practiced, certified by each province.

According to these results, about 60% of conventional farming farmers use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, while nearly 40% use chemical fertilizers and pesticides.