A new apple through a government-academy collaboration. Red meat trajectory produced by Hiromae University

The crimson dream is a juicy red apple

What color do you think of when you think of an apple? I’m sure a lot of people will say red. Next is the color blue? Green?

The skin color image answer certainly differs, but when asked about the flesh inside, I think it is usually divided into white or yellow. However, when you cut the crimson dream, the image is betrayed and the red flesh appears.

This is a new apple variety born from an apple breeding project conducted at Fujisaki Farm under the Department of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Hiromae University. The variety was registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 2010. Until then, there were a few apples with red flesh, but also others. However, the difference between them and the Beni no Yume is that you can eat them raw. There seem to be many problems that cause red apples to be astringent and unable to eat raw, but red apples can enjoy a sweet and sour taste even when eaten raw.

Hiromae University has been studying apples since 1981

When you think of apple varieties that you are familiar with, you might think of “Fuji”. This is a typical variety that boasts over half of the production in Japan. This Fuji was born at the Tohoku branch of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry’s Gardening Experimental Station in Fujisaki Town, Aomori Prefecture. Fujisaki Farm under Hiromae University’s Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences is located on this site. Crimson Dream was born in such a historical land.

It takes a large field and many years to grow and develop new varieties. At Hiromae University, we have been conducting research at Fujisaki Farm since 1981 to produce new varieties of apples. The number of staff at the university has decreased, and vacant lands have become more prominent on the farm. Thus, Hiromae University Professor Yunosuke Shiozaki began researching a new apple variety using a vacant lot.

Who are your parents DNA Assessment / American Crimson Dream Mystery Investigation

In 1994, a new variety of red flesh apples was born, bred by Professor Shiozaki. Even in college, this was considered strange. Since both are mated with white apples. In no case can the color red be produced between white and white. When I carefully examined the DNA, I discovered that Star Delicious was not the parent of “Jonathan” and “Star King Delicious” that I thought mated.

Who are parents? A closer look reveals that the apple was an apple labeled “Ethers Gold” on the Fujisaki farm. That begs the question.

True to the “golden” name, the apple named Eters Gold should have a yellow skin and flesh. However, the tree has a red flesh apple. Contact your hometown in America.

“The real’Eters Gold ‘has yellow skin and flesh.” You can see that it is not Eters Gold. So what is that tree? After all, the type of tree is still unknown. It’s not Star King Delicious or Etter’s Gold. An unknown tree lay in disarray somewhere, and suddenly aided in research, a dream of crimson color was born.

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Going to the apple plantation will bring Hiromae’s future. To overcome a negative start.

Said “cooking is delicious anyway”

Beni no Yume, born of a mysterious coincidence, is being marketed through industry-academy-government partnerships with Fujisaki Town, Itayagi Town, Hirakawa City, and Companies neighborhood, at the same time its growth and sales are expanding.

I have also spoken to cooks with crimson dreams. Mr. Kazutaka Kikuchi, the organizer of the making and confectionery event, said: “Anyway, the cooking is delicious. It is also suitable for. “

Research new varieties

At Hiromae University’s Fujisaki Farm, in addition to Beni no Yume, new apples such as “Koukou” and “Kodai Misaki” are produced and registered for breeding. In addition, we are continuing our research to improve apple production technology, and are continuing exciting activities such as holding an open lecture on “Apple Science” in Hirakawa City.

Apples that you can eat at your table or in line on the table. Newness is always born in familiar ingredients.