Additives, pesticide residues, mycotoxins: alert to undesirable substances in bread

Additives, pesticide residues or even mycotoxins: some breads contain controversial substances, warns the 60 Million consumers magazine on Thursday, which specifies that the quantities detected comply, in most cases, with regulatory limits.

From traditional baguettes to sandwich bread, including millstones, ball breads and gluten-free ones, the magazine tested a total of 65 references sold in artisan bakeries, franchises and supermarkets.

Its verdict: “more than half” of the panel has pesticide residues. They could be quantified in 14 references, in particular in sandwich breads and wholemeal breads.

Some of the substances found are “recognized as endocrine disruptors or suspected of being”, underlines 60 million consumers, who told AFP, not to have noted “no exceeding of regulatory threshold”.

“Below regulatory thresholds”

Many references tested also contain mycotoxins, but which remain “below regulatory thresholds”, except for two references.

60 Million consumers also criticize the presence of additives, in “much higher” quantities for specialty breads. Authorized, they are nevertheless “suspected of causing side effects”, “from a certain quantity ingested”.

Another ingredient criticized: salt, present in too large a quantity of all the products tested and in particular in the chopsticks, judges the review, which believes that “it is high time that we set its rate legally”.

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