AGRICULTURAL BODY KNOW! ~ Muscle training essential for farming! ~ A child’s agricultural training diary ① Basic training

Whether you get out of the city or survive in the city depends on your fitness !?

winter. OL / A kid coming home from work gets rubbed by a crowded train every morning, even out in the cold it hurts. What I think after living this life for several years is …

It is a job that anyone can do, but every day is wasted because it needs speed and hard work. A child’s mind and body are howling at this contradictory lifestyle of the modern man.

“I want to live in the wild. What job can I do … a farmer?”

A child has come up with a good idea, but what is it supposed to hide? He was born and raised in Tokyo, and is a full-fledged urban kid. The harsh country life is an unknown territory. What’s more, my feet are sick from my daily desk work, and I recently reached the limit of fitness just by walking from the nearest station home.

“With such a heroic body, farming is unreasonable … Okay! I’ll start practicing every morning from now on!”