AGRICULTURAL BODY KNOW! Muscle training is essential for farming! ~ A child’s farm training diary ② Blue sky yoga edition

Exhausted from the cold … A child, the farm training is failing !?

“Oh ~ every move is a hassle ~”
Last time, I will continue my training towards the strongest agricultural girl! A decision child. However, the cold spells and depressions continued, and around this time I retreated slightly.

“But I can’t stay like this forever … It’s a waste to get rust easily even though I was able to train and move.”

One child kept wondering if there was any good training that could dispel this boredom while chewing Dorayaki.

“Refreshing exercise gives you vitality from the inside …”

Yoga is a method of spiritual and physical training of the ancient Indians. Nowadays, it is commonly used for dieting primarily for women, and it is a real training that can prepare both mentally and physically!

“Actually, I was worried about that for a long time, so take this opportunity! I will be an agricultural girl with a sharp body!”