Consumption: the average basket has never been so expensive according to rural families

The average basket of everyday consumer products of the French has never been more expensive in 2018, increasing by 2.6% over one year after five years of relative stability, the first prices even jumping by 7%, according to Rural Families. For the consumer association, which publishes on Friday February 22 the annual conclusions of its “Price Observatory” created in 2006, “2018 was a record year”.

The average price of the basket, calculated on the basis of 35 everyday consumer products divided into 13 categories, has never been so expensive, at 139.50 euros, an increase of 2.6% compared to 2017, after five years of relative stability, more than inflation (+ 1.8%). This increase can be seen regardless of the sales area (hypermarkets, supermarkets or hard-discounts) and reflects strong regional disparities: “shopping in the West of France is thus nearly 10% cheaper than in Ile-de-France. -of France”.

The average basket in the West is 135.60 euros, or 3% cheaper than the national average, while in the Paris region, prices are the highest (150.10 euros). The territories most marked by expensive prices, however, remain those overseas, with an average basket price of 231.80 euros, or 66% more expensive than in mainland France. In Mayotte, the situation is worse, the same basket costing 73% more.

These price differences, “which can partially be explained by a different tax regime”, make Rural Families say that it is time to launch “a recasting of the applicable taxes, failing to increase (the) income” of these French overseas.

Organic 65% more expensive

With regard to “first prices”, the association points to “a particularly remarkable increase”, of 6.9% on average, in this type of product, “and up to 13.4% in hard-discounts” . However, says the study, “contrary to popular belief, the lowest prices are found in hypermarkets and not in hard-discounts where they literally exploded in 2018 (+ 14% in one year)”.

Between 2008 and 2018, the “first price” basket thus took 4.9%, to 104.80 euros: “since 2014, the price of this basket has continued to increase before reaching its peak this year “, underlines Rural families, which” is worried about this situation which mainly penalizes the most constrained budgets “.

However, the movement of “yellow vests”, which began in mid-November, began with a refusal to increase taxes on fuel, and more broadly because of the concerns of the most modest French about their purchasing power.

Finally, adds Rural Families, “if the + eat better + now sounds like an injunction, it is clear that not all products are accessible to all budgets: on average, organic food costs 65% more than the average basket and almost twice as expensive as the basket + first price + “. The association has thus set up a specific “organic” basket, made up of 18 references of everyday products: its average price is 99.40 euros against 60.10 euros in conventional.

By buying only national brands, it amounts to 81.30 euros, and with “first prices”, to 42.10 euros. “If the organic basket is more than twice as expensive as the + first price + basket, it is + only + 20% more expensive than the basket of national brands”, concludes the association.

(With AFP)