Find a delicious way to eat potatoes! ~ Compared to eating by cooking ~

Check the type of potato before cooking

Recently, the number of varieties of potatoes has increased significantly. Home garden potato seed buyers will find new varieties of potatoes at direct sales and stores. Among the popular types of potatoes, there is a high-starch “powder”, a “viscous” type with less starch, and the intermediate has two good points. It is said that the representative for the powder is Baron and the representative for the sticky type is Make-in, but let’s know the features of the popular varieties. Baron is sometimes sold under the name “Bareisho”.

In the recent home gardens, it seems there are many people growing Cynthia instead of Baron, thinking it is both dough and sticky. The exotic potatoes can be sold at supermarkets and direct sales offices. If you feel good, try it.

Part cooking comparison 1 / boil

Eat and compare baron and makeup like a cleaning powder

The taste is surprisingly different when compared to eating it with the simplest cleaning powder in the boiling method.

In a recipe book, there is a saying that “if heated perfectly, as soon as you put it in your mouth, it will turn into a dough and pop”, but I have the impression of a piece of dough as hard as feeding . I tried soft-boiled but when the roasting started in the pot it turned out to be a nice round shape unlike when roasting. As it was written in the book, when I put it in my mouth, it felt like cotton and came off. It was so delicious that the whole family ate only Thanh mai. The texture is great, but the taste is a bit pale.

Most of the food grown in home gardens is homemade, so this is where you get used to eating. Only one representative is that the sweet potato is not easy to crush, after boiling it is not as soft as the Baron potato. However, the sweetness of the potato is stronger with makeup, and the taste of the potato itself feels richer.

Comparative cooking 2 / Steam

Steamed for the baron and put on makeup and compare the potato salad as it is

Compared to boiled potatoes, the difference in softness is smaller, but the feeling of crushing and melting in the mouth is definitely better. The taste is mild, so it’s fine when you want to enjoy a chewy texture rather than tasting potatoes. I crushed it and ate it with just pepper salt and mayonnaise, but I felt that the taste of the seasoning was superior to that of the potato. It has a characteristic sour taste so it seems suitable for a potato salad with only vegetables or seafood like tuna and shrimp. If you want to do croquette, I think a simple seasoning is right.

When steaming has a sticky feeling, if you only eat potatoes, we find the filling has a rich sweet taste is suitable. When crushed, it is creamy in color and has a good balance of mayonnaise and potato flavors. I think the potato salad, which is a main side dish for minced meat and sausage, and meat potato bread, curry bread, etc., has a rich flavor that matches the base of the croquette.

Part 3 / fried cooking

Eat and compare french fries with and without the skin

After all, there is an impression that the mouth melts quickly after chewing. It is lighter and sweeter when boiled.

The sweetness is lighter when steamed.

In terms of variety, the varieties have been improved because sticky potatoes are more suitable for French fries. I feel that there is no big difference in how I eat at home.

Cooking part 4 / Cut into pieces

Regarding this method of cooking, the baron only works with makeup, as it is easy to lose shape.

Cut into pieces and cook using “boil” and “fry” methods to check for texture differences.

This time, after cutting with a shredder, I put in boiling water, blanch the potatoes for good, then put on French-style clothes.

The texture is brittle. It has a radish-like crunchy texture without a spicy taste and is easy to eat. I thought it would be just right to have a chewy texture when cutting it a little thicker with a kitchen knife instead of a shredder and fry it.

After putting on the chopper, I bake both sides on the pan with plenty of oil without leaving the water and taste it. It takes an amazing amount of time to cook, so when I patiently roast it over medium heat, the edges become crispy and the middle part becomes chewy like a fries. It is also recommended as a snack with a potato snack-like texture.

Avoid low heat because it is easy to boil

This time, I’m just comparing boiled food, not boiled food, but powdered potatoes like Baron can easily be boiled. In the process of making cotton mop, I just need to stab a bamboo stick to see how much boiling, it breaks in half and the size of the Baron’s finished product gets smaller. When I started cooking on my own, I often chose potatoes and curries as the menu. At first, I often heard the failure story that I chose a baron without knowing the characteristics of the potatoes, even a baron with no ingredients for melted broth. Although boiled potatoes have a taste, they should be avoided when they are clumped when they are boiled lest they become “watery!

In general, sweet potatoes are sweeter

There is a tendency to assume that starchy potatoes are more starchy with a light taste, and sticky potatoes have a darker sweet taste. Also, it seems that there is a lot of sweets in the middle category and the one with red skin and yellow flesh. For sweet potato lovers, “Inca Awakening” and “Andes Red” are especially recommended.

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