Functional and cute! The agricultural girls also pay attention “Should wear autumn winter 2017”

5 “Nora style” items carefully selected by Uniworld

“Nora Style”, which recommends stray clothing for women, handles many items indispensable for agricultural work, such as clothing, shoes and gloves. We have introduced you to five popular products.

1: “Half & Half” farm cap

Half-wheat farm produce hat with cute funny designs for adults for “agricultural girls”. Functions also stand out, such as making it possible to deform by inserting the strap on the edge of the hisashi and setting the position of the chin strap so that the weaving depth can be subtly adjusted. There is also a point where you can wash your hands if it gets dirty.

2: “Olivia” anti-moss farm hat

A hat made of fibers that mosquitoes don’t like. Mesh is used for good ventilation, and a large heashi covers the face, so it is also effective in preventing sunburn. This product has been successful in the summer of 2017 and is also recommended for autumn and winter.

3: The farmer’s blouse

The cuffs are made of decorative buttons and rubber, making them difficult to slip off even when the arms are rolled up during work. The rubber part in the crotch is half rubber, which also looks good. Since the button is a bit large, it’s easy to grip and remove. In addition, the pocket on the chest is wide so you can put things in quickly. It comes in a variety of colors and is easy to combine with stray clothing.

4: Yakke full zip

There are two types of yakke from “Nora Style”: “Print Full Zip Yakke” and “Plain Full Zip Yakke”. “Print Full Zip Yakke” is printed with cute patterns like patterns. Since the lateral part is net, stuffiness should be reduced. Also, because it’s a flap pocket, there’s no need to worry about things falling out.

On the other hand, “Plain Full Zip Yakke” has a simple, sleek design. In addition to the function of a fully printed zip jacket, it has an adjustment cord for wringing the hat.

5: Agri sports shoes

Agricultural work has images of boots, but “Nora Style” also sells agricultural sneakers. Shoe mouth is made to make it difficult for soil to get inside the shoe, the rubber on the instep is square to fit the foot. In addition, the wide toes help prevent the toes from getting tight, providing a feeling of airiness. Because the sole is a “roll base” with irregular patterns like boots, the soil is difficult to stick to the shoe.

Coordinated by an exclusive stylist! Introducing trendy stray clothing

In “Nora Style” we also recommend mixing stray outfits by an exclusive stylist. In the following, we will introduce the latest fall and winter arrangements that you should check out right now.

1: Simple coordination with a unique hat as a highlight

A simple outfit is perfect for “braided hoods”, which comes in bright red. Choose a gentle design and color for your outfit, and wear a blouse and apron with the same pattern to look like a set. Gloves and boots are made of green, accentuating red. With strong colors, the whole is tightened.

2: Create a masculine atmosphere with a casquette

For those who like cute styles but want to create a slightly tighter atmosphere, we recommend using the masculine style using the casquette. Choose a cool color for your gloves and boots, such as dark brown or black. If the hem is tied at the front, it will add a feminine look. Furthermore, if you accentuate the neck around the neck with warm-colored tunic, it becomes an instant gorgeous outfit.

His wife said: “I want to continue to pursue a new type of clothing that has a design that makes me want to wear it every day and that is functional.

“Nora style” is always close to the farmer and continues to produce stray clothes that farmers really want. Wearing beautiful clothes will make your daily farming more enjoyable.