Green thumb: how much fertilizer do permanent bloomers need in the pot?

Hobby gardeners often do not recognize or recognize too late that the plants are deficient. What signs to watch out for and what is the correct dosage.

Fertilizing once is not enough for long-flowering ornamental plants. So-called permanent bloomers keep producing new buds and therefore have a corresponding need for nutrients.

If nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, magnesium or iron become scarce, the plants wither, explains the Federal Association of Retail Gardeners. If the green is weak, it is also easier for pests and diseases to attack the plants – this is comparable to the weakened immune system in humans.


Use long-term preparations for potted plants

The problem: The hobby gardener does not initially recognize that the plants are deficient. It can only show up after weeks, explains the federal association.

This is why potted plants that are unable to keep getting new nutrients from the garden soil themselves need regular fertilizers. A long-term preparation makes sense here. It gradually releases its substances and can possibly even supply plants for a whole season.