Infant mothers support farmers “Share parenting jobs” from Mie prefecture starting in Kumamoto

“Mother’s Life Supporter”, a non-profit operating company designated to operate in Suzuka city, Mie prefecture, aims to create an environment that supports work and parenting, issues papers free parenting information and support in creating communities between mothers. I will. It is said that a “Collaborative Work” work sharing system, in which mothers share work while adjusting shifts in a group, has been developed in the province and it is also useful for farming during the busy season in the agricultural sector, where the labor shortage is severe. This “collaborative work” initiative will also begin in Kumamoto Prefecture.

“Cooperative work”, a work-sharing enterprise that supports mothers to reintegrate into society and raise children

“Collaborative work” developed by Mother Life Supporter, a designated non-profit company, is work sharing between mothers whose children cannot work even if they want to work because circumstances vary, and local companies and farmers lack manpower. This is a business backed by a round
Mothers with young children living around Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, are engaged in cooperative work and they are working in shifts to work with partner companies and local farmers. Business contents include production support for food factories and harvest jobs for farmers. Participants will adjust the number of workdays according to the desired length and the number of people of the company or farmer, and if there is a sudden breakdown during the day, we will work together to fill the void. . Babies can be looked after in a public hall near the preschool teacher’s workplace during work hours.

Participants in the collaborative work praised it not only for the joy of working, but also for interacting with each other and refreshing childcare. In addition, there were many requests from partner companies and farmers, and from the beginning of 2013 until now, 41 partner companies and more than 400 mentioned mothers have participated.

Work Sharing: Reduce hours worked per person and share work with more people. It is also known as “job sharing”.
Agriculture is a style of work that goes hand in hand with sharing work

Agriculture is considered to be the right sector for work sharing because it has a sowing and harvest period, busyness, and off-season. It is said that there are many farmers who do not always need a lot of labor, but say that just having manpower during the harvest season will help.
In addition, many mothers with young children often hesitate to return to society due to the following problems and anxiety, even if they want to return to work.
“Absences due to sudden illness or children in trouble”
“The risk of having to look for a kindergarten and a job at the same time”

“Difficult to find short working hours”

“The guilt of having to keep a child away”
To eliminate such problems and concerns, collaborative work divides participants into the following three roles according to content and working stage.
・ “Working mother”

・ “Childcare Supporting Mother” to take care of children

・ “Wait for mom” to respond to sudden situations

Participants in their respective roles help each other and share work and raise children. For example, when a baby is in unexpected trouble, a waiting mother takes care of the baby on behalf of the child. Through this mutual support system, many people participate in taking care of their children, and sometimes take care of them to return to society. At the same time, we also have connections and bonds among the participants.

Collaborative work is a system that connects places where manpower is required such as farmers for limited time with mothers with children through job sharing and provides a comfortable workplace for both parties. .
“Collaborative work” spreads from Mie to Kumamoto and across the country
A new style of working “collaborative work” that places highest priority on raising children will also be introduced in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Kumamoto prefectural mama circle “Kumaten” will conduct training to learn the know-how and working mechanism from June 2017, and a participation briefing will be held in September of the same year. The first job done outside the prefecture was to harvest tangerines from an orange farmer in Kawachi town, Kumamoto prefecture.
Mothers Life Supporters will continue to expand cooperation activities nationwide. Cooperative work is expected to be an opportunity to solve the problem of returning mothers to society and the shortage of farmers.
Date and time: Monday, September 11, 2017 13: 00-14: 00

Location: JA Henan Mikan Fruit Selection Center

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