Is it good for your skin with lots of minerals? Uses and cooking of oysters

A nutritional treasure, also known as “sea milk”

Khaki is a nutritional ingredient also known as “sea milk”. Goki’s flesh is “flat”, Gomi is “sweet” and “kan”, the shell is “Ryo” and Gomi is “boiled”.
Kaki has long been known as a nutritious dish in China, and is recommended as the most effective food for people with weak and anemic conditions.

What is the nutritional value of a rich oyster?

Khaki is a nutritious shellfish. It contains a lot of glycogen and is believed to activate the function of the liver. Also, since this method contains minerals such as iron, copper, zinc and iodine, it is ideal for healing and is said to be good for the skin.
What’s more, it is said that oysters are also effective at improving things like being unable to fall asleep. It is believed to have the function of detoxifying alcohol after drinking and suppressing thirst.

Recommended for beauty

Kaki is said to be good for improving the balance of internal organs and is said to be ideal for making skin beautiful. In addition to the oyster meat, the seashell is also gaining attention as a healing dish. It is said that the shell also functions to reduce stress and prevent perspiration.

Eat delicious oysters

It is said that the deliciousness of oysters lies in their aroma. Therefore, it is recommended to eat fresh foods. Choose fresh oysters. Be aware that rancid food can cause food poisoning. Eating vinegar and ginger together is believed to prevent food poisoning.
Also, if you get cold, it’s thought that eating raw oysters will cool your body, so it’s a good idea to cook it. So I’m going to recommend a recipe for roasting oysters in foil that you can easily make at home. Magaki in season in winter, and oysters ice in season in summer. The point is using fresh oysters to make it juicy.

“Grilled oyster with foil”

Ingredients (for 2 people)
・ Kaki … 8 small seeds
・ Horensou … 4 shares
・ Raw shiitake mushrooms … 2 sheets
・ Yuri root … 1/4 share
・ Ginnan … 8 pieces
・ Da Yuzu (Hegi Yuzu) … a little bit
・ Sake … a little


1. Wash oysters with salt water. Change the water twice, rinse and add to the bowl.
2. Quickly boil the spinach and cut into 4 cm lengths. Slice the shiitake mushrooms into thin slices, remove the stones, wash the flower roots to remove bruises and reduce dark spots. Ginnan broke the shell and removed the thin shell.
Divide the ingredients of 3.1 and 2 into two equal parts.
Stack two pieces of cut aluminum foil about 4.25 cm long. Layer by layer in order of spinach, shiitakes, lily root, and oysters, and sprinkle with ginnan. After placing a piece of yuzu, sprinkle with sake, fold the tops to prevent the water from spilling over, then put both ends together. Make the rest in the same way, baking for 7 minutes is done.

Other cooking methods

You can expect a good effect on your skin by baking and eating oysters. In addition, it is also thought that eating boiled oyster ice cream regularly enhances digestive tract and body activity.
It is also said that oysters pickled in vinegar have a detoxifying effect, and are recommended for people with swelling or soreness. Iwagaki is available in season from June to August, but be careful with food poisoning during hot season.

Khaki is a nutritious ingredient known as sea milk. Used for those who want to improve the function of the liver, anemia, people in weak condition. It also makes for beautiful skin, so it is also popular with people who care about beauty. Why not try incorporating oysters into your daily eating routine?

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