It has a taste! 3 “Lighting rice fields” to illuminate rice fields in winter

The light of the rice field in Minami Nagano, Misato town, Tsu city, Mie prefecture, colored by about 100,000 LED lights, is three-dimensional. The splendid lights standing on the rice fields about 4,000 square meters wide showed presence even from afar.

“Minami Nagano 12 Shikai”, consisting of 14 young farmers in the area, is produced and established annually to liven up the local area. In 2015, for the Ise Shima Summit to be held next year, we created the theme of “Japanese hospitality” with motifs like Mount Fuji, a giant sea bream and Meotoiwa is in Futamiura, Ise City.

Attach the light to a skeleton made of bending and tying bamboo.

In 2016, when the movie “Shin Godzilla” hit a hit, a glowing blue Godzilla with a height of about 6 meters appeared.

This year is the 15th, to be produced from September with the theme “Treasure ship, Misato-for luck”. It is a congratulatory motif in which a 7-meter-long treasure ship and seven gods of wealth about 1.8 meters tall ride over a paddy field as if it were a sea (please check reality on the spot !). A lighting ceremony is held on December 2, and the townspeople follow the beginnings of tradition. Every day, it is morning from 17:00 to 22:00 on the rice fields along Highway 163. It will take place until the end of January 14, 2018 (Sun).

With the goal of becoming a good samurai, I went to the capital by boat and went to destroy the demon to protect the princess I met. Even though he was devoured by a demon, beaten to death with a pin-pointed sword, with the power of a mysterious spear, he grew taller and lived happily with the princess. The highlight of the old story “Ichisakushi”, familiar even in children’s songs, is reflected in light in the light of rice fields in Kagamiishi town, Fukushima prefecture.

The concept is “a picture book viewed from the” window-gallery “-“. You can see the world of fairy tales represented by about 20,000 LED bulbs from the observation room on the 4th floor of the Kagamiishicho Library.

LED “Pet Firefly” with solar panel using PET bottle etc. color the paddy field of rice field. LED lights turn on automatically after sunset, using electricity generated by the solar panel during the day. Occasionally flashes like the glow of a firefly.

About 6,000 pet fireflies contain message cards in which elementary, junior high and agricultural high school students in the town write their dreams and wishes. This is called the “seed of hope” and is set up by holding a “rice planting event”.

Open to the public until January 8, 2018 (Monday) (* scheduled). From 16:30 to 19:00 (reception to 18:45). The library is closed on Mondays (the next day if a national holiday), year-end and public holidays.

The lights on the rice fields in Owari Asahi are unique from the castle tower. An 18-minute walk from Owari Asahi Station on the Meitetsu Seto Line, overlooking the rice paddies from the observation room on the 4th floor of Asahi Castle in a corner of Shiroyama Park, a visual character motif of the floating city “Asapee” up.

“Pet firefly” is used in the light of Owari Asahi City, and you can enjoy it for about 4 hours after sunset. 6 colors “white, yellow, orange, green, light blue, pink”, about 3,000

The book’s firefly gently shines. The design was decided upon the work that won the highest prize by soliciting proposals from the local children of Owari Asahi City Shiroyama Elementary School with the theme “PRing the End Asahi”.

Inside the pet bottle was a card written by Shiroyama elementary school and children from a kindergarten in the city. In Owari Asahi City, this is called “Yume seedling” and children planted seedlings in late November.

Starting in 2013, people became interested in agriculture by looking at rice fields in winter and this is the fifth time this year. In the observation room, past illuminated photos are published, and there is also a notebook where you can write messages. The comments from the kids planting trees were like “very beautiful” and “I fell down but it was worth the effort.”

It is open to the public until December 25 (Monday). (Free parking available, from sunset until 21:00)

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