Lay out garden beds late: plan the outdoor area early when building a house

Bad Honnef (dpa / tmn) – When building a house, many initially think of the interior fittings. But the outside area should also be planned early, advises the Federal Association of German Prefabricated Buildings. This is important in order to coordinate work processes.

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This is especially true when machines are used – then it is particularly useful to carry out work in the garden during the construction process.

An example: the earlier an excavator is used to dig a hole for the pool or pond, the less disturbing its tracks are in the garden.

It is best to combine the use of the construction machine in the garden with other work on the property – such as creating the driveway and parking. In the best case scenario, the excavator only has to approach once.

Basically, the bigger the desired building project in the garden, the more important it is to plan it in good time. A tree can still be planted later, but a swimming pond is more difficult to implement in retrospect. At least beds that have already been created or the lawn suffer when the excavator drives through the garden.