“Natural crepe specialty shop with local wheat flavor”

The story behind the birth of “Natural crepe”, a kind of natural crepe sticking to ingredients

Please tell the story of the birth of the natural Crepe.

I am working for an advertising agency, but when I was 19, I decided to start a company after 10 years and I am researching various ways to start a business. At that time, I met my current wife. My wife works with food and drink, and is setting up a chain of soup stores. So I started thinking about what I could do with my wife’s knowledge of the food business and my knowledge of the design, marketing and concept work. He said that even if he wanted to start a business, he also wanted to launch his favorite brand and turn it into a business that directly received joy from customers.

Initially I liked sweets, and my wife was studying macrobiology, so I was looking for a sweet and competitive business using the best ingredients possible. .. Meanwhile, 12 years before Crepe was founded, there weren’t many specialty stores about it. Then I started to open a crepe shop thinking that if we made our own delicious food it would be a good store.

Promise that the pancake dough gives off a complex aroma if you take a bite

Please let us know about your commitment to crepes made with natural crepes.

The most special thing is the fabric. In 2005, when I started a crepe shop, there were very few crepe shops using domestic wheat.

The deliciousness and safety of the flour in the country was appealing so I collected more than a dozen types of flour from all over the country and modeled it one by one to find the right flour for crepes. Then I came across a powder called Tsurupikari from Gunma prefecture that I still use. It took more than half a year to create a current recipe for flour cakes. Since then, the dough recipe has never changed since its inception, despite some adjustments to the amount of moisture. That is the source of the deliciousness of the natural crepe.

Our crepe is a wheat-scented crepe, and when eaten, it smells like a nose. We hope that you will enjoy fabrics that provide natural scents without the use of any perfumes. In addition, to balance balance, precious wheat germ is also taken into account in terms of flavor and nutritional balance. Also, the sugar is just citrus sugar, and the milk is pasteurized milk with a good taste.

A pleasant fragrance emerged from the middle of the work

I don’t add anything to smoothies. Strawberry milk, for example, is only made from frozen strawberries, homemade syrup without additives, and milk.

Strawberry milk smoothie

It took a lot of time and thought to make dough for a local-loved store, evaluating the menu at the time of its establishment. How do you decide on a crepe menu?

The crepe menu hasn’t changed much since its inception. Before opening the restaurant When deciding on the menu, we invited our friends into a room with about 6 tatami mats and we all had a weekly tasting party. I did something like a tournament to figure out which combinations were delicious and the menu that existed at the time was almost a prototype.

Pomelo crepe. An unexpected combination but the irresistible refreshing taste

Recently, yogurt tomus is popular in the menu. Recommended for those who are not good at whipping cream and custard, and those who want to refreshments. It was developed and sold between 2012 and 2013, and has been very well received. For yoghurt tomatoes, we only used yogurt and cream cheese, sugar and gelatin for the molding.

Most stores use chocolate sauce for crepes, but the chocolate sauce doesn’t have as much chocolate flavor as it contains things other than chocolate. So, in a natural Crepe, 55% of the cocoa chip chocolate is grated and used.

When I first started my company, as a mobile vendor, I used a cheese shaver to scrape chocolate bars while watching TV with my wife every night. It is very difficult. Currently, I am using a food grinder for the shop grating.

While the tools and locations have changed since the start of the mobile crepe shop, the crepe recipe I want to stick with has barely changed.

I think there are a lot of iterations of the menu that haven’t changed much since the company was founded.

It’s correct. Each store area has its own characteristics, but thanks to you, many customers come to the store. Kyodo’s main store in the mall has some customers who have been there for about 10 years.

Some of my teammates, who work part-time, came to buy crepes using itinerant goods when I was in kindergarten. The child was already a college student, so I was deeply moved.

Strawberry crepe. Lots of sweet and sour strawberries! It goes well with the aroma of the dough

I want many people to enjoy crepes made with natural crepe.

Let us know what you want to challenge from now on.

Natural Crepe is a brand like my own child for me. Now it is doing well, but has had a breathtaking time when it was founded. Because it was a difficult birth, I felt and attached.

Just as I want to raise my child to be a good kid, I want to increase the number of stores so I can interact with as many people as possible, and I want to make it a good store. ..

Finally, let us know your message to the customer.

The number of stores increased, but not a single formula and feel at the time of the establishment had changed. We take the crepe seriously and take the time to prepare it while carefully managing the craft. I have more work to do than other crepe shops, but the members of the site are trying their best. I want you to take the taste seriously.

Mr. Sato told me, “I want to eat my crepe every day if possible.” In the verses, we can feel a warm affection for the natural, nurtured with love as our own child. I am looking forward to the future development of natural crepes, the company has been producing crepes since its founding in 2005.

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In addition, there are also Kyodo Main Store, Mark Is Minato Mirai Store, Ueno Marui Store, and Ryuyama Otakanomori S / C. Please see homepage for more details.

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